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D-audi-Vibes Like This

D-Audi Vibes Like This RGRLP009


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D-audi’s Vibes Like This LP represents a huge milestone. A release on the Ruff Guidance imprint and a place next to some of the biggest pioneers of Jungle & DnB. D-audi has featured on labels like Boomsha Recordings and Audio Addict Records among others previously and produces in a number of tempos and styles. ‘Vibes Like This’ is all about smooth rolling DnB with a contemporary Bass music edge and classic Hip Hop ethos. Tunes like ‘Wash Them & Cleanse Them’ leave an instant impact as do the oldskool intelligent era Jungle sounds of ‘A Little Piece’.

This album brims with class from the twisted funk of the title track to the space age lasers of ‘Nice n’ Deep’ and Ed Rush style Techstep of ‘The Light’. Dip in and discover a modern classic from the Ruff Guidance camp. You will not be disapointed!!!

Sound Shifter- Spectrum Ends EP [Ruff Guidance]


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Sound Shifter’s new EP out now on Ruff Guidance features 5 incredible excursions into the realms of Jungle/DnB. Combining precision production with knowledge and passion for the global phenomena that is Jungle music.

All the hallmarks for a Junglistic essential grab are here, those sounds you know, love and crave from the countless variations on the infamous Winston brothers ‘amen’ break to the textured layers of bass and atmosphere.

We especially love track 5 ‘I Want Your Love’, the pianos and rolling amens take us right back to 94/95!!!

Time Travel-Moving Points LP (Jungle)

Time Travel-Moving Points LP (Jungle)


Melbourne Jungle DJ & producer Time Travel debuts on Ruff Guidance with a full LP of those finely crafted beats that made him a stalwart to labels such as Boomsha Recordings and his own Rising Lantern imprint. A pioneer of the slower paced 140-150BPM Future Jungle sound and a master of spatial multi layered deep bass n breaks, Time Travel invites you on an expedition into his very own skilfully crafted Jungle…

Firstly we enter Time Travels’ Jungle by means of the intro track ‘Control’ full of rich late night/early morning moods and melody. Following the intro is ‘Demonstrated Force’ full of tribal drums, filtered amen breaks and a pounding forceful sound. ‘The System’ takes us deep into the darkest realms of this Jungle with 90’s Techstep like eerie chords, metallic beats and angry buzzing 808s.

Tracks like ‘Levitate’ & ‘Man And Machine’ keep with the intricate darkness and scientific breakology. We get an interlude of sorts with the dubby off kilter ‘Enter Dub’ before some stripped to the bone bass heavy atmospheric intensity in ‘Lost In Space’

The last 3 tracks on the LP ‘Balance’, ‘Break In The Rain’ and ‘Absent Two’ channel some of the mid 90s Moving Shadow era mystical magic, it’s all about the haunting sweeps of ethereal sound floating around the edges of low end sub thump and slickly constructed breakbeats.

‘Moving Points ‘ offers a glimpse into the mind of a true junglist, someone who understands the very essence of the sound. Time Travel has put together some of his best work here. All that’s left to do is press play, indulge your ears and marvel at his sound!!!

Time Travel ‘Moving Points LP’ will be available to purchase and download from 19/08/16



Radioactive Watermelon – Equidistant EP [Ruff Guidance]



Brand New Multi Tempo Jungle Beats On Legendary Imprint Ruff Guidance

Radioactive Watermelons’ new EP ‘Equidistant’ out on Bay B Kanes’ legendary imprint Ruff Guidance takes us on a 5 track journey of deep, mellow, atmospheric and polished Jungle in a range of tempos. If you love properly cut up breaks and shimmering keys and pads you will love tracks like ‘Polar Winds’, ‘Shadows’, ‘No Return’ and all the other gems on this deep delight of a release

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Another classic reissue from Ruff Guidance Records, the year is 1995 and here on this EP is 8 95 style Bay B Kane rollers, from the bouncing 808 attack of ‘Gangstress’ and expertly sliced percussion of ‘Deep Jungle to the funky warp bass of ‘Jungle Levels’ and the deeper shades of ‘Mother Earth’, what you have here is 8 essential jungle weapons now available digitally for the first time.

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Ruff Guidance Records Presents Bay B Kane’s ‘The VIP Project’



Over the past year we have been treated with remastered classics from the vaults of Ruff Guidance, many moments in junglist time from Bay B Kane’s discography are now available digitally enabling us to appreciate those ground breaking pioneering gems that helped to shape and form the Jungle sound, we have in fact reviewed some of them here and on 17/07/15 a 10 track remix compilation will be released across all digital platforms and streaming sites, 8 artists representing some of the best and most upfront junglist sounds in 2015 are on remix duties, X E Dos, Sound Shifter, Cryogenics, Darkhalf, Curious, Rolling Paper, Nickynutz & Aitch. Tracks remixed include the timeless ‘Higher’ & ‘Multi Coloured Lasers’ and more recent tracks like ‘I’m Alive’ Massive props go out to everyone involved here from the legend Bay B Kane himself to the remixers and those working hard behind the scenes to bring these must have tunes into the digital realm, this LP is an absolute must!!!

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