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Nefti-15 Years Anniversary Album

Cover 1400x1400

From Poland with bass!!!! Hardcore/Rave Breaks legend, DJ, producer and Intensive Recs label bossman Nefti celebrates a 15 year musical milestone with this fantastic album, lets break down the awesomeness!!!!

The Game

Starts with a mysterious atmospheric intro then kicks into a hefty dose of ruffneck bassline, rolling amen breaks and oldskool keys
Desire (VIP Mix)

Uplifting is what Nefti does so well and ‘Desire VIp has plenty of that along with slamming 808s and beats!!!
Winner Ft Domi

Great vocals on this huge big room breaks banger with anthemic pianos and vocals, it’s a winner!!
Let It Be Me

A fantastic combo of signature Nefti pianos and dirty electro bass a la Flash Cats & Sanxion
Cover Me Ft Sheila (VIP Mix)

Pure happy 92 style rave in the style of Dream Frequency et al, be ready for a barrage of fizzing bass and stomping breaks on this one!!!

We’ll take this medicine all day long, you will note repeated use of the word ‘pianos’ in this review because nefti is the king of pianos and big funky riffs like the one on ‘Medicine’
Taking Me High (VIP Mix)

With a nod to the anthemic sound of the likes of Q Tex and the later era Kniteforce imprint. Early 90’s rave euphoris meets the bite and crispness of modern breaks and this is fiyah!!!
Show You Something Ft Domi

A slower more housey number rather like neftis’ Rave Force alias. This will evoke happy memories for the older ravers among us and equally so for the younger ones. One of the best tracks on this great LP
Oneplayz Ft Martyna Sierminska- Feel It (Nefti Remix)

Switching between tinkling and sparkling pianos, ecstatic vocals and some good ol’ gurning n’ growling bass savagery, a massive massive remix!!!
E-Lab Rat – Uplifting Tip (Nefti Remix)

E Lab Rat of Warehouse Wax fame gets a top remix included on Neftis’ 15th Anniversary LP. Very much in the style of Warehouse Wax i.e an certified banger!!!
Sanxion – Hold Me Endless (Nefti Remix)

Amping up the bass mayhem of Sanxions’ original to plus ten for a seriously epic workout!!!
Cyborg (Sanxion Remix)

Sanxion steps in to return the favour on ‘Hold Me Endless’ with his amen tastic slammer of a remix of ‘Cyborg’ the mind of a machine never sounded so good!!!

And thus ends a essential collection of tracks marking a milestone in the career of one of Hardcore/Rave Breaks’ true warriors. Feel the euphoria, pick up a copy from 25.6.16 from all good download stores

Sanxion – All That I Can Do [Bad Habit Muzik]


Massive dreamy synth laden rave tinged bass n breaks heater from Sanxion on Bad Habit Muzik out now!!!

Signature Sanxion brilliance in a massive follow up to his previous track on Bad Habit Muzik. ‘All That I Can Do’ is fire!!! Dreamy synths with a ravey edge lead into some bouncing dirty bass n breaks action!!!! Get this monster of a tune out now on Bad Habit Muzik!!!

Click here to buy Sanxion ‘All That I Can Do’

Sanxion- Never Had A Love [Bad Habit Muzik]


Sanxion makes his debut on Bad Habit Muzik with a vibrant and elated breaks shaker, taking the “never had a love like this before” vox as originally sung by Faith Evans and applying to the Sanxion production style we have come to know and love from his tracks for labels such as Top Drawer Digital and Held II Ransom. There’s a bit of uplifting rave, some funky electro bass and subtle hints of the Jungle sound all rolled into one. With a 9/10 rating from DJ Mag we sense another big anthem for the Bad Habit crew!!!

Out On Trackitdown-8th Feb 2016
Everywhere Else – 22nd Feb 2016


Sanxion- Axiomatic Technology EP [Propaganda Music]



One of the best producers of many styles from Breaks to 140 Jungle to House, DnB, U.K Hardcore and a plethora of other styles, Sanxion has a new EP on Propaganda Music, whats great about Sanxion’s sound is his way of combining trending concepts from a multitude of genres and making something instantly addictive such as the Deep House influenced 140 roller ‘Hold Me Endless’ while you could get lost in the ethereal tranciness of ‘Exposed’ that leads into some trademark epic bassiness, ‘Anode5′ does in fact lean into House/Garage territory with spacey pads and a swinging 2 step beat, finally the bona fide legend NEFTI gives ‘Hold Me Endless’ the make you melt Hardcore Piano Breaks makeover, already a Trackitdown Breaks chart No1 and we here at FBB are lovin’ it!!!


Also check out this fresh mix of Propaganda dubplates:

Radiokillaz- New Future Remixes [RKZ Recordings]

new future 2[1]


One of Radiokillaz’ most popular tracks with plays on Radio 1, ‘New Future’ gets 3 brand spanking new remixes, a 130BPM low slung House/Jungle/Breaks remix by Tony Vibe, Transitional 140-170 Jungle remix by Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion and a killer Jungle remix by Galvatron, all 3 of these new versions will do the required damage wherever and whenever played!!!!


Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion – Poison Me [Warehouse Wax]



Featuring the lovely vocals of Maria Milewska, Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion’s ‘Poison Me’ is a melodic and musical bass n breaks number with across the board appeal, whether you like your epic DnB or are a fan of timeless rave anthems or indeed you simply appreciate a good song when you hear it, remixes come from Lucas who takes it deep and enigmatic while Madcap and Galvatron serve up superb DnB and Jungle refixes, there’s some quality breaks bangers here too in the form of ‘Radiate’ and ‘Tear Down The Place’ and tucked away in this tidy package is ‘Oblivious’ a furious 130BPM bass fueled journey through the annals of rave, this kind of poison we can consume all day long!!!


Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion-Big Phat & Hungry EP [Passenger]

Big Phat and Hungry V2


Something a little bit different from Vinyl Junkie, Sanxion and indeed Passenger Recs, ‘Feed Them’ is a Reggae Bass number featuring vocals Chinese toaster Didjilirium, a result of a culmination of ideas between VJ, Sanxion & Brent Passenger that produced this dubby festival anthem in waiting, fans of breaks/140 Jungle Breaks will enjoy the breaks re rub included and this takes us to this writer’s pick ‘Mustard’ a nod to the great work of producers such as Mella Dee, Special Request etc, there’s something about the spacial atmospherics of the 130BPM Jungle beats and wobbling subs, the old skool ‘Landlord’ style keys and dreamy drops that give this killer track a bit of a Ray Keith feel i.e its a badboy tune!!!! Have your extinguishers at the ready because this is fiyaaaaahhhhh!!!!

Pre Order (out 29/06/15)

Sanxion-Debunker EP [Warehouse Wax]

sanxion debunker EP


4 tracks of excellence by Sanxion, his newest EP on Warehouse Wax is a varied selection of Bass, Breaks & 140 Jungle, ‘My Heart Is Hooked’ is a bassy paino anthem, ‘Run For Cover’ starts with uplifting mellow pads and drops the bomb with a bass assault post intro, ‘Shoot You Down’ has a nice old skool ish vibe to it mixed into some bouncing breaks and then there’s the track that Beatport recently included in their ‘Secret Weapons’ and my pick from this fantastic EP ‘All The Things’ rolls perfectly at 130BPM with hooky vox and pads and a addictive bassline, along the lines of Pirate Jams & the current output on Punks Music, its an absolute gem which bridges the gap perfectly between old skool rave influenced sounds and contemporary breaks, we’ve been debunked!!!


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