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7DB – Boomtown Fair Mix



Another Boomtown set has been unleashed and its the turn of Se7en Deadly Breaks to fill your speakers with beats and breaks. This was their closing set at the Boombox stage this year and in true 7DB style they thrown down a heavy set of tearout, bass, garage, and D&B.

If you were there, relive the set with this free download and if not then you better make sure you are next year!

Se7en Deadly Breaks – DOPE SHIT Feat Mc Midas & Jay Mc (Nu J.A.M) & Elle.

7DB - Dopeshit  

We are back once again with another fresh and exclusive mix from the deadliest duo in breaks, 7DB aka Se7en Deadly Breaks. After a nod to the past with their last mix, A Tribute To Hybrid, they have set their sites clearly on the future with this forward thinking mix of all things breaks and bass. Along with a bass heavy set of the latest sounds they have signed up the talents of  MC crew Nu Jam, consisting of Mc Midas & Jay MC. After first hearing MC Midas & Jay MC along with the rest of NU J.A.M on the breakbeat/garage track “Countdown” by Deekline and Ed solo, the 7DB guys loved the vibes and wanted to incorporate that style into a dj mix. Elle,a newer member of the Nu Jam family, also lends her formidable vocal talents to the mix set.

It really gives another dimension to the set with Nu Jam complimenting the music and laying down their slick flows amongst the bass and beats. Never taking over but really merging with the sounds.

This is the cutting edge in breakbeat sounds at the moment with many of these tracks crossing over into the realms of bass music, house and garage. Just as the music was meant to be from the start. A melting pot of influences and ideas all laced with that one special ingredient. BREAKBEATS!

1. Deekline – Deepa.
2. Lady Chann feat Adiyam – Darkness (RackNRuin Remix.)
3. Mobin Master vs Tate Strauss vs Fantomen – You & I (Stanton Warriors Remix.)
4. TC – Get down low (ShockOne Remix.)
5. Jackal – Shakedown (Je Boogie Edit.)
6. Rebel Sketchy feat Bukue One & Agnie Motie – So it goes.
7. Apexape – Elephant man.
8. Benny Kane feat Eva Lazarus – Keep your soul up.
9. Wilkinson – Take you higher (Foamo Remix.)
10. Justin Jay/Ms Dynamite – What you static about (Wonka-Vision Mash up.)
11. Screwface – Code red.
12. Foamo – Without you (Benny Kane’s DBL99 mix.)
13. JTRP & Artifact – Pretty vacant.
14. Freestylers feat Laura Steel – Falling (Stanton Warriors Remix.)
15. Pirate Jams – Happy days.
16. Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo – Way to do it.
17. Jack the Hustler – Critical.
18. Groove Chronicles – Stone cold.  

Mc Midas/NU J.A.M –
Elle –
NU J.A.M/ Jay Mac –
7DB –

7DB – A Tribute To Hybrid

7DB - Hybrid Mix


Everyone that has been exposed to the sounds of breakbeat will have undoubtedly rocked out to the classical, progressive and bass heavy wizardy of Mike Truman and Chris Healings, aka Hybrid. They were some of my own first experiences of breaks with their remix of Carl Cox a very welcoming surprise B-side which eventually got loads more play than the A. Breakspoll 2013 winners of Best New DJ’s, Se7en Deadly Breaks, were also exposed to them early on in their journey to becoming full bore breaks addicts and have compiled and mixed this hour long tribute to the progressive breakbeat pioneers.

Here’s what the guys has to say;

Basically we wanted to do a tribute mix to Hybrid because we’re such big fans and they are where we first heard the breakbeat sound with their remix of F.S.O.L. – Papua New Guinea. Then from there seeing them at Fabric and other clubs and festivals alongside other breaks artists opened up that whole exciting scene to us.

Enjoy the mix

Big ups to Hybrid!

So enjoy the mix and make sure you hit up the 7DB Facebook and Hybrid’s website for stacks more music.

Hybrid- Choke.
Hybrid- True to form.
Hybrid- Can you hear me (Hybrid kill city sounds dub 02.)
Hybrid- Higher than a skyscraper (Hybrid twitch & sweat mix.)
Hybrid- Dreaming your dreams.
Hybrid- Celebrity science.
Hybrid- If I survive.
Hybrid- Original sin (Instrumental.)
Hybrid- Just for today.
Hybrid- This is what it means.
Hybrid- Finished symphony.

Breaking News ft Alaska MC – Freeze EP-IBWT Music



Russian Breaks Dons, Breaking News Join In Beat We Trust Music with a phat EP of Booty Breaks featuring Alaska MC on vocals and 2 big remixes by Mutantbreakz & Se7en DeadlyBreaks. The EP  also features Breaking News’ ‘Classic Booty Mix’ which takes it back to the sound of the Noughties….

The Original & Classic Booty are quality Electro Breaks bangers while Mutantbreakzs rewrite the script with funky guitars and super phat bass, Se7en Deadly Breaks go for a House & garage influenced Breaks number, essential booty banger largeness!!!

You can also grab this this free transitional bootleg with a Future Jungle flava here:


7DB – If It Aint Broke Break It Mix



Slamming new mix from the &DB boys featuring the very best in breaks, beats and bass from the scene. Tracklist coming soon…


Roy Davies JR – Gabriel – (Se7en Deadly Breaks & Mafia Kiss Edit)

Roy Davies JR - Gabriel - (Se7en Deadly Breaks & Mafia Kiss Edit)


With Mafia Kiss and Se7en Deadly Breaks leading the charge of the new resurgence in breakbeat, you’re pretty much guaranteed any track they get their hands on is going to be a belter.  It seems like the mighty Stanton Warriors know this too and as soon as they heard their 2013 re-edit of the classic breakbeat garage track from Roy Davies JR, that wanted it on their Stanton Sessions IV compilation. Now obviously being a re-edit it was never going to see a full release but I am very pleased to be able to bring you an exclusive free download link for said edit, right here. I also caught up with the guys to find out what all the hype is about. Read through to the end of the interview for your download.

Make sure you hit up the MAFIA KISS Facebook page & SE7EN DEADLY BREAKS Facebook page for free downloads, mixes and all updates.

FBB – Well it’s been an awesome year for you guys, what can you say has been the highlight so far?

MK – For me this year it has to be being told by Will, the manager of Punks, that they wanna make Punks my new home. It’s a dream come true! But also seeing the look on the 7DB lads faces after they bagged their Breakspoll Award, bless ‘em.

7DB – Aww thanks mate. There has been a few good ones but this year for us was definitely winning our Breakspoll Award.

FBB – Having a track featured on the award winning Stanton Sessions must have been one of the best. Tell us how that came about?

MK – It was definitely another one of the highlights. Aaron phoned me up to tell me & we both must have sounded like excited school girls queuing for the One Direction movie!

7DB – haha, very true I won’t lie. Yeah man, got the call from Dom with the good news, was a good day. Ha.

Mafia Kiss

FBB – And tell us about the track itself. Are you fans of Roy Davis Jr? It’s an older track, right?

MK – I’ve loved Gabriel since it came out in 96 & have often thought ‘I should really do something with that’ but never did. Then the lads came down for some studio time & they had a load of tracks they wanted to edit with Gabriel being one of them. So I jumped at the idea.

7DB – Yeah we got snowed in at Mafia’s and had some time to play around with the track, it’s a classic and is a favourite of ours from years ago and we wanted to bring it up to date so we could play it in our sets. Think we are all really happy with it, we didn’t want to take it to a silly level and chop it up into bleeps and crazy bassline’s. We wanted to keep the vibe of the track and keep it laid back and very stripped back but still but with a more breaky edge. Glad that Dom & Mark really liked it, I know that it’s an old favourite of theirs. We beat them to the post there. Ha.

FBB – It must be a huge support to have someone like the Stantons dropping your tracks & edits?

MK – One of my ambitions was to make a decent enough track that Stantons would play & now they want me to make tunes for their label. As a Stanton fan I can’t tell you how good that feels but I know also that when they support your tunes you notice that they have by sells, likes or follows on social media, you know that their legion of fans are exploring you!

7DB – Well we are also huge fans of theirs, the last year has been crazy having so much support from them. To be involved with the remix and to know they like it and play it is a really good feeling and a good start for 7DB as we are the new kids on the block, it’s a good look to have Stantons backing you.
Having Pauls input as a producer has been amazing though, we enjoy working with him and being able to take in his knowledge has helped us as producers too, he’s a talented dude. Think we work well when we get together.

MK – Stop it I’m blushing. Ha. I love working with the lads as they’ve got the same passion as me. It’s good watching them grow as producers.

FBB – The breaks scene seems to be thriving right now with loads of fresh styles and input. Whats your opinion?

MK – Yep for sure! It’s strange to say it at first but I can say that I feel apart of a new movement & I know the lads do too. But there is some really intelligent bass music going on & it’s filtering into the breaks scene through a few producers. It’s nice to hear some tunes that aren’t predictable with a gnarly dubstep style bassline for a drop. Unless your 7DB of course, where as you will just tear the crowd a new arsehole with whatever broken beats you want! Am I right lads? Ha.

7DB – Haha, think we just got a mafia kiss then?! We agree with Mafia, we think the oldskool of breaks is coming back but in a new way if that makes sense? We like that we can be apart of it. We defo like to just make what has influenced us so much in the scene but with a 7DB edge to it.

FBB – What else have you got coming up soon? Any new release? Tours?

MK – I got some new stuff in the pipeline for Punks & Rat Records. As for tours I’m working with the Hot Cakes Agency to setup a US & Cananda tour plus Oz, Russia & Spain are on the horizon. Not forgetting all the UK stuff too. Also the lads & myself will be working with the AK Soundsystem crew on more parties.

7DB – We have an EP coming out on one of Deekline’s labels and a remix we’ve done for Ben & Lex, a track we are very fond of & spent a lot of mornings after Fabric listening too. We’re not gonna say what one though. Haha. And yeah some more projects we’ve got lined up too which we can’t wait to start.
No tours as of yet maybe in a year or two, obviously would be amazing to play overseas. We’ve had a good summer of playing festivals though, loved doing it so a tour would be dope.

MK – Mafia Kiss & 7DB do ‘Murica?? Promoters get in touch!! Ha.

FBB – Anything else you would like to add?

MK – Yeah… can I just say hi to my Mum, Dad, my Sister & Jolene? Hi!

7DB – Ah now we gotta do that! Hi to everyone and thanks for all the support and love, you know who you are.

MK – Yeah thanks for all the continued support Mobsters & Decibelians, see what I did there? Enjoy the track!

OK hit up the download link below the player to access your free download and be sure to share this around. It’s not everyday you get exclusive tracks the Stanton’s are hammering for free. Play Loud!




Zomboy – Here To Stay (AK & Kurse Remix)

Zomboy - Here To Stay (AK & Kurse Remix)


Just in time for the weekend we have another fresh exclusive track for all the Free Breakers out there. AK (Aaron King from Se7en Deadly Breaks) and Kurse have teamed up to work on this firing, mid tempo remix of Zomboy’s dubstep banger “Here To Stay”. Completely flipping the original, they glitch up the vocals, turn down the tempo and turn up the bass to provide a wicked track that would be just as much at home in a ghetto funk set and as a glitch hop or breaks set.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more productions coming out from the duo soon and for now follow Kurse on Soundcloud and Se7en Deadly Breaks on Facebook.


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Se7en Deadly Breaks – Exclusive Interview + Re-edit



Se7en Deadly Breaks provide our first exclusive today with their killer breaks interpretation of RacknRuin’s “Righteous”. The duo have gone from strength to strength over the last year with numerous top line residencies, a Beatport number one, stacks of well received breakbeat re-edits and picking up the Breakspoll award for Best new DJ. Moving forward they are putting in some serious studio time producing some huge tracks, including a release for Deekline.

I caught up with the 7DB to find out a little more about them…


1. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, for those that don’t know, who are you, what do you do and what style(s) of music do you play?

Well we are Aaron & Jake, we’ve known eachother since we was in nappies and both decided to join forces back in 2007 and whilst at Glade festival came up with the name SE7EN DEADLY BREAKS. we both loved to DJ and also had a huge passion for Breakbeat and Bass music. We mix a lot of other genres in to our sets including House,2 Step, Garage, DnB, 140, Nu Funk and Glitch Hop..

2. Tell us a bit about what you’re working on now, any releases on the horizon?

Ok well we have a few to come out very soon, our 1st one being a remix for Sarah Giggle on Bloxbox Records which is out May 10th. We have an E.P we are putting together for Deekline so keep ya ears open for that and also had the amazing chance to remix two of our favorite breaks tracks that made a huge impression on us as DJ’s. One which is for Ben & Lex and is due for a release soon and the other we will be keeping top secret and with our nan’s for now ha!
Also have a few tracks to do for Spanish label Elektroshok and KL2 which we are looking forward to doing.
We have a project do work on with Mafia Kiss which we are looking forward to and have a few other bits in the pipeline, so we’re busy which is good and we are very excited to be doing these tracks and can’t wait for you all to hear them.


3. What other artists have you been feeling recently, who are you currently championing in your DJ sets?

We’re really liking – Deekline, Stanton Warriors, Mafia Kiss, Woz, Rack n Ruin, Ben & Lex, Pyramid, Gorgon City, Martin Horger, ED 209, Kieth MacKenzie & Fixx, Krafty Kuts, Dub Phizix, Mike Delinquent, Synkro & Faib, Wilkinson, Faomo. There is way too many to be honest lol.


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