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West Norwood Cassette Library – Hardcore Librarianism

West Norwood Cassette Library - Hardcore Librarianism

West Norwood Cassette Library brings some ‘Hardcore Librarianism’ to the Sneaker Social Club imprint. 3 cuts of off-kilter breakbeat hardcore and a VIP remix of The Brothers Grimm ‘Exodus’

We begin this hardcore vapour trail with ‘(Everytime You Touch Me) I Get Hype’, a truly hype blend of ‘138 Trek’ era Zinc style beats, early 00’s Shut Up And Dance (think ‘Alcoholic Beans’) and proto hardcore beats pulled straight from the raw early 90s sound.

‘Theme To Street Knowledge’ sounds like 2017’s answer to the classic Young MC ‘Know How’, a street party hip hop jam set to furious junglistic amen breakage.

Next up is a real treat, the WNCL VIP of Production House gem ‘Exodus’ by The Brothers Grimm and to top things off we get a full on 150BPM roller in true breakbeat hardcore/jungle tekno style entitled ‘Feeling Too Big To Dance.’

The label that brought you the first class Exodus remixes and the recent 2 Bad Mice EP strikes solid gold once again. Love rave? You most certainly need this EP!!!

2 Bad Mice- Gone To Soon [Sneaker Social Club]


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Forgive this writer for being excited at the return of oldskool heroes 2 Bad Mice! The duo responsible for some of the biggest Hardcore & Jungle tracks of the 90s who now return with a 4 track EP that stays true to the roots of their sound

The title track first surfaced online via a video of it being played at Raindance 2016, the track features scratching from DJ Faydz and piano by Davos and it’s a heart melter of a tune!!

You can watch this video of Faydz mixing up all 4 tunes on the EP

From 92 style euphoric Hardcore to deep Jungle, the unmistakable stamp of quality is all over this quality release, we’ll let the timeless beats do the real talking…

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