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Mike Millrain- Don’t Make Me Wait

Mike Millrain- Don't Make Me Wait

You will find yourself impatiently and eagerly awaiting Mike Millrain’s new Garage groove by the name of ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’

We look forward to anything new from House & Garage bona fide legend, Mike Millrain and you will be glad to know you can pre order his new track on Soul Revolution via the Traxsource link below. We wouldn’t blame you if you initially imagined the infamous Altern 8 ‘Come With Me’ (I know that’s not the original source) vocal would be a major part of this tune. However, we get a totally different vocal, a really good one and what a tune!!!

‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ is Mike’s signature sound in full effect, a lush progression of organ keys and oldskool Garage beats that simply can’t be beaten. add in some sweetly sung vocals and you have a pure garage groove that you should add to your buy cart without delay, don’t wait, don’t even hesitate!!!

Mike Millrain- Inside Your Soul

Mike Millrain- Inside Your Soul

From the opening keys, Mike Millrain ‘Inside Your Soul’ (Soul Revolution Records) is Mike ‘s signature classy Garage sound to a tee and in full flow. You might have thought tunes like this just don’t get made anymore. If you did, you’ll be relieved and soothed of mind listening to the pristine bumpiness of ‘Inside Your Soul’

Quality music production speaks for itself and it’s often those subtle flourishes that lift a tune into the stratosphere of greatness. This indeed the case with ‘Inside Your Soul’, a tune that opens with those mellow piano licks that are the essence of Garage, compact and crisp beats plus strings and cut up vocals that capture the sound of the original underground with style. Mike Millrain works the musical magic once again with yet another astoundingly good tune.

Castro (SA) – Never Change EP

Castro (SA) - Never Change EP

Castro (SA)’s ‘Never Change EP’ on Soul Revolution is a triple dose of delight for lovers of House & Garage

Starting with the title track, things get off to a splendid start with light pianos that lead into a variety of changing key patterns with basslines that are genuinely new and fresh without losing any of that much-loved signature garage sound.

‘You Give Me’ is a sweet n; funky melange of disco kicks and scattered keys and organs with a lush and expansive uptempo feel that breaks off into some lovely harmonious drops.

‘Adam Eve’ is the vibes loaded third track in this triumphant trilogy and it sets out the stall immediately with emphatic deep pads that dance with the pianos and percussion for a peak time ride of musical bliss. A very strong EP for all kinds of house music lovers.

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