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Caspa – 33 Degrees [Sub Soldiers]

Caspa - 33 Degrees [Sub Soldiers]

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Caspa draws from his fountain or should we say cauldron of bass music beats and shoots a fireball at our ears with the solar hot ’33 Degrees’ on Sub Soldiers

Caspa ’33 Degrees’ would sound great in a tense, suspenseful movie. In fact, if you have been watching Twin Peaks: The Return, you could easily imagine Agent Dale Cooper’s evil doppelganger ‘Mr C’ jamming to this dark opus in his car


Lovers of deep dark bass music will appreciate the deadly sub skank that is Caspa ’33 Degrees’

Caspa – Get Higher [Subsoldiers]

Caspa - Get Higher [Subsoldiers]



Caspa wants you to ‘Get Higher’ and he has the bass potion to take you to the next level!!! A rushy and racey grime/bass track with Caspa’s production prowess on full display. There’s an exhilarating feel to this one thanks in part to the diva vocal that somehow sits perfectly on a bed of dark sub heavy broodiness!!!

Caspa – Venom [Sub Soldiers]

Caspa - Venom [Sub Soldiers]


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Caspa is back on it with the well, venomous beats of ‘Venom’ That’s right, its time for your bass poison courtesy of Caspa on the Sub Soldiers imprint. with an intro like Jaws swimming up to the beach, ‘Venom’ is a deadly (sic) blend of Grime & Bass. The bassline grabs you by the scruff of the neck and shakes you around vigorously. The beats propel forward in minimalist but incredibly effective fashion. You don’t need the remedy, you need this poison, you need ‘venom’

Caspa – Umbongo [Sub Soldiers]



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Caspa drops a mean n’ moody bass bomb in ‘Umbongo’ on Sub Soldiers

A big fierce bassline and hard-hitting tribal snares and hats brings out the full aggression in this no messing tune!!!


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