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Wayne Dudley- The Freak [Subterraneo Records]

Wayne Dudley- The Freak Free Breaks Blog review

Wayne Dudley’s new track on Subterraneo Records “The Freak” is a swinging bassy slice of Tech House excellence, featuring that well known vocal used by Altern 8 among others, be warned, this is dangerously infectious!!! The Dolly Rockers get tough and jackin’ on the remix, play it looooud!!!! play it looooud!!!! play it looooud!!!!

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Gordon John & Nico Luss- Can’t Stop EP [Subterraneo Records]



Proper oldskool style house with a 2015 touch, Gordon John & Nico Luss combine a raw chunky sound with rumbling subs, dancefloor friendly hypnotic piano loops and breakbeat fused 4×4 beats for “In The Place”. “Can’t Stop” has bubbling tough pads, a swaggering beat, a BIG drop/build up and a sprinkling of the the good old TB303, with all these vital elements, you can’t go wrong, grab this EP now!!!

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Here’s a super hot new EP from Digital Three, starting with the bouncing, lively and energetic tech house of ‘Hot 4 U’ followed by some epic piano house action complete with rolling junglistic breakbeat drops on ‘Never Before’ and finishing up with some melodic deep/tech house excellence entitled ‘You’, 3 superb tracks that all you house heads should be grabbing this very minute!!!

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