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Supernova – Ain’t Nobody EP (Stereo Productions )

Supernova - Ain't Nobody EP (Stereo Productions )

Showcasing the strength of the Italian/Spanish Tech House scene, Italians, Supernova deploy two club prepped Tech Slammers to Spanish imprint, Stereo Productions

‘Ain’t Nobody,’ is designed to truly work you to the bone, the titanium beats drive you to the cliff’s edge before pulling you back for a thrill seeking skydive. ‘Time to Destination’ is the Tech House ETA into the milky way and beyond, a spacious groove from outer space!!!! Kickin’ astrophysics from Supernova!!!!

Supernova – The Wild Weekend EP

Supernova - The Wild Weekend EP

The Supernova boys crash land on the 8 Bit imprint for a ‘Wild Weekend; of upfront and class A for addictive tech house!!!

The title track of this EP will send shockwaves across any dancefloor with enough energy to power a continent!!!

‘Detuned’ launches from the club straight into space via Zephram Cochrane’s shuttle to make first contact with Vulcan drums and Romulan rhythms!!

‘Shuffle Time’ sees us out and lightens the mood somewhat with cut up vox and playful funky sounds to bring us back into the stratosphere feeling happy and lively!!! Make sure you go on this ‘Wild Weekend!!!’

Supernova – City Lights EP

Supernova - City Lights EP


Pre-Order Here-Out 06/02/17

Prepare to get lit!!! Supernova‘s ‘City Lights EP‘ hits Elrow Music from 06/02/17 ready to light up every part of you with three phenomenal Tech House Heaters!!!  ‘Rock The Disco’ packs enough energy to power Tokyo!!! ‘What What’ gets dangerously wobbly engaging your ears and limbs in an intergalactic jacking contest. Finally ‘Get Hot’ takes off from the running block ready to stomp holes all over everything in its path, a veritable House music juggernaut. This EP packs power, punch and panache!!!!

Supernova – Revelation

Supernova - Revelation

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Supernova get us warmed up for 2017 with a brand new EP on Lapsus Music. First up is a vibin’ Disco/Funky/Tech stomper called ‘The Reef’. Things get ravey for the title track with cool 90s ‘Handbag House’ style keys and the looped ‘Bass’ refrain.

‘Up To Venus’ builds to a frenetic crescendo of uptempo keys set to a euphoric backdrop. ‘Open Monday’ features a full on Orbital ‘Chime’ style riff, chunky percussion drops leading into a drum filled DJ weapon. A ‘supernova’ of explosive multicoloured House beats and another top class release on Lapsus Music!!!

Electronic Youth- We Are E.Y. EP [Lapsus Music]


Here’s a great new EP by the mega talented Electronic Youth out now via Lapsus Music, for the title track, the vocal sample made famous by Lennie De Ice back in the ravin’ days loops, filters and twists around a swirling tower of techy bass and funky drums for a sinuous groover of a track. F.E.X go a bit darker and more in the direction of the G House sound with their remix. ‘Nowadays’ is a tough minimal workout with ragga vox and militant rhythmic 4×4 kicks, a track that will go down well with fans of Simma Black & Lupe Fuentes/In The Loop Recs, Supernova go for a full on heads down hypnotic techno reworking, You will need a good sturdy pair of shoes as these are a couple of real floor burners!!!


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