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Clouded Judgement – Countdown EP

Clouded Judgement - Countdown EP

Swerve Digital weaponises your Friday with Clouded Judgement’s new ‘Countdown EP’ The London duo bring their A game with three versatile and highly appealing Tech House productions.

The duo that brought you the massive ‘Give Us An E’ back in 2014 have been riding a wave of notoriety that has taken them to labels like Simma Red, Data Transmission’s Shanghaied, Freakin909 and countless more.Near 40 somethings like this blogger will recognise elements of a 91′ hardcore tune in ‘Give Us An E’, namely Skin Up’s ‘Blockbuster’ This strain of 90’s rave, Hip Hop, House & techno is a mainstay of the countless fierce and up-tempo productions in Clouded Judgement’s back cat.

The Countdown EP displays the diversity in this duo’s repertoire starting with the title track, a kind of ‘Klubhopping’ for 2017 with an intense and complex set of keys that dance across the slamming drums. ‘Maverick’ has a deep allure, a mysterious interplay of rumbling chords, spoken words and subtle single key stabs. ‘Small Step’ is the big euphoric climax of the EP with soaring chords and an oldskool feel accentuated by the 303s and timeless synths employed through out.

While many labels like to churn out the bangers but Swerve Digital releases are always exceptional. Here is another fine example of that adherence to high quality. One to add to the buy cart without delay.

Ben Read & Jacque Saravanté – Wanchu EP

Ben Read & Jacque Saravanté - Wanchu EP

The latest and hottest Tech House release from our favourite label, Swerve Digital comes from Ben Read & Jacque Saravanté. The ‘Wanchu EP’ features two fine tracks and remixes from  Lee Pearce & Simeon Belle.

‘Wanchu’ is a playful mix up of chopped vox, big drum builds and dreamy synths that go all in at the midpoint for a tidy chugger. This title track gets a remix from Lee Pearce who reminds us what a great sound he has crafted. A funky and rolling take on the original that get’s this blogger’s vote every time.

Next up is ‘Overdrive’, a tune this writer can’t get enough of. Those who like their drums tough and their House music with a Hip Hop feel and attitude will love ‘Overdrive’

More goodness awaits with the stunning Simeon Belle remix of ‘Overdrive.’ A nostalgic 90s style lead drives along this masterpiece of a refix that sits nicely between Tech House & techno. That’s another masterful release in the bag for Swerve Digital, be sure to get your copy.

Kwal- New York

Kwal- New York

Swerve Digital‘s latest free track comes from Kwal. ‘New York’ perfectly captures that bumping oldskool NYC House sound and will get you jackin’ wherever you are in the world

Kwal takes a brief interlude from their own Murk City Demos label to join Swerve Digital for a free tune. ‘New York’ has the feel of the ‘bumpin’ house’ sound made famous in the clubs of NYC during the mid-90s and currently enjoying a huge resurgence as House music grows by the day in regained popularity.

Regular readers know that this writer makes no secret about Swerve Digital being one of their favourite labels. The Swerve back catalogue of free and to buy releases is an enviable one for any aspiring new House music brand. Swerve has attracted some of the brightest and best producers to come on board for some truly incredible House & Techno output. Swerve also supports rising new talent, setting an example that really should be followed.

Incidentally, keen observers will note Kwal is from the windy city of Chicago, regarded as the birthplace of House music. He does a great job of capturing the more contemporary NYC House sound with this excellent track.

Jake Twell – Work EP

Jake Twell - Work EP

Jake Twell joins the ranks of one House/Techno’s best labels, we love the ‘Work EP’ on Swerve Digital and here’s why

While there is nothing wrong with the popular Tech House sound, it’s always nice when an artist digs deep to come up with something fresh which is what Jake Twell does with the ‘Work EP.’ 3 tracks driven by drums of  distinction and rhythmic vibrations that can be enjoyed at their fullest on a fortified and capable set of speakers.  Two major talents are on board for remixes, namely Rowen Clarke & Cause Of You and boy,  do they deliver!!!

Different drums but just as deadly, Jake Twell’s new EP more than amply ‘works’ for our ears!!!

James DX- The Terrace EP

James DX- The Terrace EP

It’s difficult enough in this highly productive and competitive House music scene in 2017. Producing quality content that stands out is tricky, producing quality content that is unique is even harder. So hats must be taken off to Swerve Digital, with James DX ‘The Terrace EP’ they have produced original and great sounding House music that will make you leave your seat and pay serious attention!!!

James DX takes the timeless and makes it new with ‘Terrace House’, it’s the subtle effects on the synths and beats that will grab your attention along with the strong leads. Then Jojo Angel & Matteo Rosolare get hold of this track and show once again why they are in demand globally and featuring on numerous labels. This duo knows what it takes to make you wanna dance even if you’re sitting in your chair!!!

‘In A Minute’ yells attention to detail in the minutest aspect, loads of clever arrangements and great sound design but no chin stroking, this tune will burn the dancefloor in A minute!

The prodigious Dutchman, Overtracked has paid his dues several times over with countless solid productions and he features here with a crazy good bumpin’ refix of ‘In A Minute’ which tops off a frankly stunning package. See you on the terrace!!!!

Electrik Cat- ‘Do You Know About Techno’

Swerve Digital Electrik Cat - Do You Know About Techno


Free Download>>>

The latest free track on Swerve Digital‘s soundcloud comes c/o Electrik Cat.  ‘Do You Know About Techno’ , a feirce and psychedelic Techno track with hypnotic robo-vox that would sound great in a Green Velvet DJ set. Twisted beats that seem to emanate from the motor city itself or in plain English, proper technooooo!!!!

Lee Garrett – Mind

Lee Garrett - Mind


Buy Here

Next up on Swerve Digital is Lee Garret with ‘Mind’, be prepared to have yours blown!!! The original grinds nicely with a funky bassline and echoey sounds floating around the pounding drums that themselves work up to siren like crescendos.  Our absolute favourite mix of this track on the EP is by Pete Dorling, his version morphs the original into a dark winding twister of a track intended for pummeling the big rooms. A Lister provides a signature drum loaded oldskool edged refix which works enormously well. And Fancy Inc conclude the remixes with their own tough driving take on the original. Its been an honour and a privilege watching Swerve Digital grow as a label. With this new Lee Garret release, Swerve have put House music elite on notice and deservedly so.

Steven Lee – Just Can’t

Steven Lee - Just Can't


Free Download Here

Steven Lee makes a distinctive debut on Swerve Digital with free House track ‘Just Can’t’

Disco like funky keys transitions nicely into a highly danceable slice of ear candy that utilises snippets of classic house tracks from the golden era in a nice subtle way. We’re very keen to hear more from this DJ/producer!!

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