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Jem Stone – Stone Grooves Vol 1

Jem stone

We first saw Jems infectious swing alter-ego surface back in 2004 with some low key remixes for Jalapeno Records and a single release on Finger Lickin Records, but the sound we’re hearing now only really surfaced in 2011 with his debut release on Freshly Squeezed, the “Electric Circus EP“. Since then Jem has let loose a plethora of swing tinged toons on some of the best labels in the scene today. He has recorded a huge collaboration with super funker Kid Creole (ask your parents kids), got down and dirty with “Lick The Spoon” and hit the top (o the town) with MC Mouthmaster Murf and MC Goldseal on Ghetto Funk.

After all the hard work it was inevitable that Jem’s consistent output would form a long player and “Stone Grooves Vol 1″ is the result. The album kicks off with bumping jazz vibes of “The Jem Stone Express” which sets the scene perfectly with smooth, spaced out synth licks and classic swing samples intertwined with beefy kick-snare combo and all kinds of sound effects. Can just imagine walking through some space punk inspired city with this as the soundtrack.

“Well Oiled Machine” throws down some steppy broken beats with a sparse bassline and off kilter synths. “Holy Smoke” (ft. Roxanna Panufnik) (gotta be a relation?) is lush balearic material done right, perfect Ibiza beach music. “No Place For A Lady” sees the swing vibes come out to play again with a bouncy house beat and plenty of horn action. “Sweetpea” marks the halfway point of the album and is almost an album itself. At 10:45 you could squeeze four modern day trap bangers into its time slot (don’t play trap, please). It twists and turns through many sonic soundscapes and ambient noise spheres, bringing the listener on a proper journey with leisurely hip hop beat interludes and organically twinkling pads.

“Hot Dog Supreme” is another slo mo swing-house meld that combines all elements nicely leading into “Storm In A Teacup” which hammers out tribal techno rhythms with disco licks and filter fx. Would love to hear a Soul Of Man breakbeat remix of this! “Penshala” sees the trip hop sound creeping back upon us with great results. On “You Are Nothing Without Me” Jem breaks out the breakbeats on this dark-swing-tinged roller, “Fake Ghost” is a percussive, tech house ride leading into the last track, the aptly named “The Final Curtain”.

Jem has achieved what many dance music artists mess up and has written a proper album. With many twists and turns, highs and lows and a diverse mix of dancefloor beats blended with downtempo grooves and just plain old good music. Full support from Free Breaks Blog.

If you’re feeling any of the tracks they are all available to purchase separately, as an entire album, as a mixed, hour long showcase and if you’re just to tight/skint/poor to muster up a couple of £/$ to support, then the whole thing can be streamed from Soundcloud or below :).


Electro Swing Roundup

Electro Swing Ball In The Park

The Electro-Swing Ball In The Park

We had an absolutely incredible evening in a beautiful setting for this event. We were hosted by Telford & Wrekin Council (how often do you shout out the council!?) and they’d done an incredible job providing the most beautiful marquee we’ve ever seen along with a top class soundsystem and, count them, four sound engineers. Our bands were really good – if you fancy an entertaining band playing old style songs on ukulele, tea chest bass and the musical saw then check out the Hot Potato Syncopators. Thoroughly great chaps and lots of fun. Our second band were a seven piece called Lunatrix who have built up a great reputation on the live circuit and are really engaging performers and thoroughly recommended for any electro-swing night going. This was all topped off by burlesque, belly dancers, our compere Liberty Pink, yours truly and the ‘don’ – the one and only Bertie Dastard who got to tear out the swing-hop and bad bass business for the last hour.

Happily, since this event went down everythings got a bit calmer at Swing Towers, and life can once again be dedicated to searching out the best music around.

Free Music

Caro Emerald seems to be the poster for mainstream acceptance of the vintage beats movement, and the target of another rather nice remix of her track Liquid Lunch.

Bart & Baker have celebrated getting to 10,000 likes on facebook by releasing this rather tasty house style remix of their track Big Band. Free download from here.

Here’s a new one from South Africa’s DJ Django. He’s got a really nice vintage vocal and mixed it with plenty of squelchy bass. Nice. Free download from here.

Bryx does a great remix of Parov Stelar that keeps it swinging whilst bringing a bucket load of bad ass bass.

Kitten & The Hip seem to be building their reputation well at the moment and here’s a nice remix which mixes her vocals with, well, baroque beats….


The introduction says they’re one of the greatest electro-swing bands of all time… well we’ll leave the jury out on that one, but they may be one to watch.

This one got missed from the roundup last time, but certainly requires checking out if ya ain’t got it yet! Lovely bluesy retro feel.

Loving this mashup by Sam Redmore sticking Missy Elliot over a cumbia beat:


Electro Swing Roundup

DJR Electro Swing Roundup


Apologies if you’re not in the UK, however if you are and you’re interested in the swinging / gypsy and more alternative sides of dance music then there is only one place to be this weekend… Boomtown Fair 2013. With a lineup including The Parov Stelar Band, Slamboree, Dutty Moonshine, Electric Swing Circus, C@ In The H@, Swingrowers, Swing Zazou, Zen Hussies and many many more, this is going to be one incredible weekend. If you want to spot me, I’ll be the one rooted to the very middle of the dancefloor all weekend!

Free Music

It’s always cracking to have new music from Johnny Lectro and this one’s a delight. Old style vocals with a bumping house beat. Oh yes. Free download via facebook.

Here’s one of ghetto funks heavy hitters showing off his more chilled side. Loving the cool vibes sound Mr Needles!

Super Mario and swing? Who woudathunkit?

It’s great to see Gramophonedzie chipping in with a free swing house track:

With a title like Dancing At The Speakeasy this had to get my attention. It’s actually more of a jazz groover but would work well at the start of a night to set the mood.

Nice groove and appears to have been missed by everyone. Sweet.


DJR’s Nu Swing Roundup


Hey all! Welcome to the new addition to Free Breaks Blog. I’m going to be doing a regular roundup of everything that’s new and good in the world of electro-swing, nu swing, balkan beats and whatever new / vintage scene comes along next. I’m going to feature plenty of upfront and exclusive tunes, artist profiles on some of the best producers in the scene, and regular mixes from the best DJ’s.

Right without further ado let’s hit the tunes…

Here’s a lovely little mashup from the Legitimate Gentleman which impressively may even get you digging Jay-Z again:

   Jay-Z and Linkin Park – Numb/Encore (The Legitimate Gentlemen Refit) by The Legitimate Gentlemen

Give this tune time… it may have a minute and a half before the bass kicks in but it sure is worth it!

   Francis Red – My Ring by Francis Red

Munich’s’ Caspar who has been producing plenty of good tracks for the swing scene recently:

  Caspar – Come on Bryan (Free Download) by It`s a SwingThing

   The 11th Hour by It`s a SwingThing

I seem to hearing the words electro-blues every day at the moment. The new Freshly Squeezed Electro Blues compilation has just come out and you can hear it here:

It’s already available for digital download from Juno here:

and the CD comes out on the 25th Feb.

Here’s a free electro blues track from DJ Tomahawk:

   Dad Gum … Louis Jordan / Dj Tomahawk – Free DL by Dj TOMAHAWK Mondo Exotica

Here’s a great classic sounding tune from S Strong. If you want the download follow the link to, login for free, and then the download link appears.

  S Strong – Hot Mustard by S Strong

A nice funky download, hot off the press!

   Metropolitan Bedroom Ensemble – I Got Rythm **FREE DOWNLOAD** by Metropolitan Bedroom Ens.

And finally… to start off the first mix it’s only fitting that I give you an idea what I sound like. Here’s the mix I performed live at the Planet of the Breaks NYE party in Shrewsbury.

   DJR – Live @ Planet Of The Breaks NYE 2012-13 by DJR.

Do you have any good tunes that would fit in this roundup? E-mail DJR at

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