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House & Techno Roundup 1 11 16

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Today’s House & Techno Roundup features the likes of Nezzy Idy, Pointbender,  Lupe Fuentes, FGTN Toys, Platzdasch plus more….

How about some full on peak time stompin’ Techno from angle? Yes please!!

Or some spacey chilled fuzzy beats from Ned Izzy on ROAM? For those who like things intricate and intelligent but dance floor friendly none the less

Pointbender’s LP is a deep voyage of Dubby Techno & Electronica that is rich in musical tapestry. Harking back to those classic LPs of the golden era of dance music

Another classy release from Hardkiss that is out there on a deserving pedestal for uniqueness and good vibes all round

We eagerly await new tunes from Lupe, here’s a MASSIVE one hat’s currently doing the damage. Big layered drums, Toms and a twisting funky bassline

M1 remakes Mariah Carey’s ‘Emotions’ into a slammer of a House track and Jolyon Petch adds a touch of class with his slickly produced remix, very nice!!!

Taken from Karmic Power’s new compilation. FGTN Toys goes for a deep vibe a la Roger Sanchez with this deep synth driven vocal track

4 exquisite cuts of true Deep House music on the Gents & Dandy imprint. Platzdasch fuses a variety of styles and sounds to reflect two decades of house perfection

House & Techno Roundup 24.10.16

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Our House & Techno Roundup features Hollis Parker, Jax Jones, Essess Ft Malika, Nervo, Joey Fehrenbach, Hamzah, Standard&Push, Landings, Holt Blackheath, White Label & Jordan Joyce….

Hollis Parker ‘What You’ve Done’ taken from his two track EP of jazz influenced soulful house music combining great musical composition with  a 4×4 House music beat

Darius Syrossian gets to ‘work’ on Jax Jones’ ‘House Work’ reworking it for the tech house lovin’ dance floors

Essess Ft Malika ‘Trust In Me’ gets some absolutely fabulous remixes including 2 garage reworkings from Mat Jam Lamont & Scott Diaz

Jolyon Petch gives NERVO ‘People Grinnin’ a top class club house re rub, expect plenty of good times on the floor with this tasty refix

Some deep driving Progressive House from Joey Fehrenbach. Some very fine remixes add to the exceptional quality of this one, think Diggers & Oakey and sunsets in exotic locations across the globe where people converge to dance!!

Hamzah’s back on Wind Horse Recs with a new EP that’s got support from many of the top DJ’s within the prog/tech house scene. Swirling, deep and magnificent

Standard & Push copmbine all kinds of bass music with a house beat for this EP of speaker bursting tunage suitable for a variety of DJ sets

Exquisite musical deep house/electronica from Landings

The first of 3 featured Audio rehab releases in this post. Holt Blackheath has a style of his own somewhere between House & Techno. The beats thump and the melodies are rich

Bass House meets UKG/UK Funky with a future perspective on this new EP by White Label

And yet more Garagey goodness blending Jungle, Oldskool Rave & Classic House from Jordan Joyce, waych out for this artist, they have serious talent, you’ll be hearing them on many a top label soon, Audio Rehab being one of them

House, Techno & Garage Roundup 6.10.16

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New House & Techno Tunes:

Latecomer give ‘Music Is The Answer’ a tough makeover, more like ‘Tech House Music Is The Answer!’, we love it and it’s a free DL!!! Nice one guys!

Also up for free DL is a 3 part EP on NM Recordings featuring three different mixes of Celladore x MOAD ‘Freedom’. Our pick is the excellent Flava D mix

Those cool cats Deeptrak have a new track on Freakin909, it’s called ‘Bang Bang’ and it certainly is a classy banger of a track!

K & K have a new EP on Sleazy Deep which is getting a great reaction. One listen to ‘Peaceful crowd’ will tell you why, come on in, come on in!

Myriad Black have a great new track by Manuel Costela out. It’s a twisted Disco workout called ‘Southern Oracle’ which comes with an even more twisted remix!

State Unknown have a stunning vocal house track out now on Country Club Disco. These guys really showcase their production skills to full effect. And how could we not mention the luscious groove of a Mike Millrain remix that completes this fine package!

And how about some club-ready Techno action supplied by CDC’s latest two track EP on Cubism? More of this please sirs!

Gents & Dandys have now issued their recent vinyl only release to Digital eliminating all excuse not to buy it. Just listen to this house gem by The Verticals below, one of four fantastic reasons to buy!

Black Girl/White Girl make exceptional House & Techno beats. Take their latest EP as a prime example. These ladies are right up there with Lupe Fuentes when it comes to fiyah tunes!! This is ‘Roll Up’ taken from their latest EP on Strictly Deep…

And here’s a tidy funky club/tech shuffler from Richard Harrington. It’s a free DL from those top peeps at Fidget Black!!

New one on Get Twisted Recs, Tough Love & Karren Harding ‘Like I Can’ comes pre-loaded with firing remixes like thi one by DJ Q!

HUUUUUUUGGGGEEEE TUUUUUUUUNNNNNE from RafFa FL! This massive anthem on the Criminal Hype imprint is back!!! Featuring vocals by Mr V and a set of slammin’ remixes like this fave of ours by Max Chapman. This is ‘How We Do!’

Matteo Rosolare & JoJo have a new EP of 3 atmospheric and darker edged tech house tracks on In The Loop. We like this one ‘Momentum’ in particular

Back on the Techno tip, Ali Ahmadi’s latest release has been doing very nicely. Tracks like ‘Inner Peace’ complete with great big whopping hoover riffs are just the ticket!!!

Roog regularly collabs with Dennis Quin so with that in mind, you can expect some serious fiyah when they go solo for Simma Black. Fiyah is just what we get!!!

D Vine Sound’s recent multi-artist EP features funky treats like this one from Truth Be Told. It’s time to move on, groove on!

Rhythm Control’s Ibiza Closing Party comp is a must have selection of top-class tech House. We really dig this tune by Justin Pak with it’s powerful vocal sample. Play this one in front of Donald Trump and shut that man down!

And we finish with some Grimey Garage goodness from Tigs on Highly Swung Records. Shake yo’ funk trunk to the winding basslines of this bad bwoi!!


Free Breaks Blog House Music Picks #002

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We’re back rounding up some of the best House Music in the download stores and free to download.

Jack N Danny apply their tough underground house sound to Sammy Porter’s latest track up for free dl

Silverfox mixes up some grime and jackin house flavaz and does it nicely with ‘People Keep Talkin’

JAQ ‘Blue Treacle’ has been doing some serious damage on the underground house/garage circuit

Luke Shayer on the remix of Pleasurekraft for a free download will get your shuffle on!!!

How about this atmospheric track up for free dl from Simitu and Maison Records. Touch of the oldskool on this lovely groove

Waveline Extra takes it back to the good old days with some tough 90’s style acid/bleep/techno

That Matters, Jenia and Mr Styles whip up a storm with some peak time rave frenzy house, another free dl

Jack Swaffer & Richey Profond offer their own take on the same Sammy Porter/Asha Rae track. Free dl on the Data Transmission SoundCloud

ImageMK has this lovely track with dark synths and bouncing beats up for a free dl, don’t miss!!

Legends in the place!!! Full Intention team up with Marshall Jefferson for a dubby techno esque groove ‘I Believe’ Out now on Freakin909

Mason Collective revisit the Ghetto House sound with 3 busy, fast and furious house bumpers out on In The Loop

and finally Mele remixes Primal scream ‘Don’t Fight It, Feel It; into one of his signature techy rollers



Force Mass Motion- The Stone of the 5th Sun 1992 LP



Feel The Panic!!!! Force Mass Motions’ Groundbreaking Oldskool LP Is Available Digitally And You Got To Have It!!!!

Oldskool ravers will fondly remember the absolutely massive anthem ‘Feel The Panic’ by Force Mass Motion. Everyone played it, it had a huge influence on the mid 90’s UK Hardcore sound where kickdrums replaced the breakbeats. However we certainly weren’t aware (until now) that Force Mass Motion released an album back in 92. Good news!!! That very album is now in remastered digital format, you can get it from the major dancefloor stores. Lets go through the tracks


The kind of stompy hardcore that Carl Cox used to play. Busy, loaded with synths and samples. Was this the influence for a certain UltraSonic track? Could be

2. Collision Course

The main riff of ‘Collision Course’ will be familiar to happy hardcore heads and for a 92 track, it sounds like it was made in 95. Uplifting bouncy techno brilliance.


More stomping action with Belgian & Detroit Techno stabs & Hip Hop vox. A nice crossover between the contrasting styles of Rave/Hardcore from daaan sarrrrf and ooop noorf!!!

4.Force Format

Gabber/Hardcore Techno circa 92′. Starting with pounding Kickdrums, Hoovers and acid 303s, the track once again switches into English Breakbeat Hardcore midway before returning to the kickdrum fueled action.

5.I Dream Of You

Bleepy dreamy Italo Piano rave perfect for kicking back to on a summer day

6.Jack Of Diamonds

A hugely popular track that epitomises Force Mass Motion and the Rabbit City imprint. Completely manic and full of energy

7.Feel The Panic

Massive ravers’ anthem that still gets the rewind at oldskool events to this day. Feel the panic!!!! Gotta have it!!!!

8.Reach Up

Another manic Rabbit City style hardcore tune with more of a 91/early 92 feel. Featuring similar pads to Razor Boy & Mirror Man ‘Beyond Control’ and the beats used in SL2 ‘DJs Take Control’ and many other hardcore classics

9.Take Me Higher

Pure 92′ ardcore a la 2 Bad Mice, Sonz Of A Loop Da’ Loop Era et al. From the distinctly signature oldskool breaks to the ravey trippy keys. This is 92 in a bottle. a tune that rocked the Fantazias and Dreamscapes across the UK and still sounds awesome


Some very early Tech Trance with a bit of House & Hardcore thrown in for good measure, a track way ahead of it’s time

11.Vanishing Point

In a similar vein to V.N.E, Vanishing Point is a very unique track of it’s time. A melting pot of many genres leaning towards bangin’ techno but with so much more in there for good measure

In summary, oh forget the summary!!! This is an essential album which digital fans like myself can now own. Love your oldskool? Grab this from the links below. Oh and word is there may be a vinyl re release too, head over to the Force Mass Motion official facebook page for more info

Buy on Juno Download:

Buy On Beatport:

Stream On Spotify:


Georgio Star- Rave Feelings EP [LTF Records]

LTF 004

Georgio Star’s new EP ‘Rave Feelings’ out on LTF Recs needs to be in your DJ sets, from the sharp synths and pleasingly thumping beats of “House Bills” to  the powerhouse Techno stomp of the title track plus  the acid laced “Groove Riddim”

Buy Here

Shaun Burnett- Dark Moon [KONNEQT]


Shaun Burnett offers forth a slice of stripped back thumping techno in “Dark Moon”  out now on KONNEQT, this must be the soundtrack to a rave on the dark side of the moon, taking no prisoners with the fast beats and minimal but powerful pads on this one!!!

Buy Here


Destronauts- Observatory Love EP [Honeywax Records]



3 tracks of authentic old skool jackin’ acid house and experimental/downtempo sounds from The Destronauts, you can almost smell the analogue equipment listening to these gems as if plucked from the DATs of DJ Pierre et al, this is where it began and as proved by this trio of musical treats, this is where it’s at even now

Buy Now

Buy Now

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