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Tomcraft- What Does It Feel Like?

Tomcraft- What Does It Feel Like

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Techno legend, Tomcraft gets all Daft Punk esque for an uplifting EP on D.B.Stereo. What Does It Feel Like? It feels and sounds great!!!

What Does It Feel Like? finds Tomcraft in a playful mood. The colourful and energising sounds have a strong French Nu Disco influence. Bennun & Healey steer the original into Techno/Tech Trance territory with soaring keys before letting the positivity shine with a big data drop of the original lead riff. Mucho Stylez lay bare the key elements of the original for a deeper excursion to close the EP. Wanna hear the sound of huge festivals going nuts in the safety of your living room? Stick this on your speakers nice and loud. Or better still, ask the DJ (very nicely!) to drop this at your next festival!!!

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