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The Rumblist – Broken In Four

The Rumblist - Broken In Four

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The Rumblist returns to Top Drawer Digital to reclaim his throne as the maverick master of experimental breaks with the ‘Broken In Four’ EP

‘Bite The Hand’ starts things off, a fiery clash of dubstep influences and evocative orchestral drops. ‘Do That Shit’ is just as merciless as the previous track with powerhouse oldskool rave synth stabs, jungle breaks and super gritty bass!!!

‘Para Init’ has real steel with a FAT think break and ten-inch python flexing electro bass with a 90’s Euro Rave feel. ‘Watch The Bass Bins Blow’ is a warning to be heeded. This final track ventures into mid 00’s era Nu Skool Breaks territory. The oldskool electro beats carry the back breaking weight of some bassbin battering audio warfare!!! You have been warned! Now get some of the finger lickin’ good bass n’ breaks!

Strange Rollers- The Sweet & Sour EP

Strange Rollers- The Sweet & Sour EP


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Due Date 15/5/17

Strange Rollers makes an emphatic return to Top Drawer Digital with ‘The Sweet & Sour EP’ Also making a return is Barry Blades, a new alias for the 601 member who really impresses with a stunning remix contribution to the EP

The title track-‘Set Me Free’ is an incredible blend of lush 90’s House music piano riffs, jagged rave/techno synth sweeps and 2 step Garage beats

‘Set Me Free’ is a smooth and seamless fusion of Techno, Bass Music and rushy pianos. Strange Rollers has made great tracks for decades but his game is exceptionally strong on this guaranteed repeat play banger!!!

As previously mentioned, Barry Blades, part of the 601 team embarks on a new musical venture with his remix of ‘Set Me Free’ and it will truly take you somewhere special. Euphoric oldskool rave meets chunky cut up breaks but this isn’t a good enough description of how good this is. Depending on your angle, you might like this writer, detect a strong sense of the early 90s sound of Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era or Krome & Time in a modern setting. However you chose to interpret, you will be blown away by this roller coaster of brilliance.


Kazumi Anzai – Feel The Bass

Kazumi Anzai - Feel The Bass

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Top Drawer Digital just put up this Kazumi Anzai track up for a free download. ‘Feel The Bass’ is a distinctly oldskool hardcore themed Tech House tune. A great vibe on this thanks to the almost continuous rolling breaks and some 1991 era Prodigy style synths

Lucas- Keep It Movin

Lucas- Keep It Movin

Lucas returns on Top Drawer Digital to ‘Keep It Movin’ with sirens, jungle breaks and deep ambience harking back to the original Top Drawer Digital sound. Sci-Fi style chords create a powerful feeling when listening, a sense of gliding into the beyond set to a rumbling bassline line akin to a wormhole. Strange Rollers stay close to the original ‘Keep It Movin’ while injecting a dose of bass that most certainly will not sedate you!!!! Another Top Drawer release on Top Drawer!!!

Swankout – Back To 91′ / In My Mind

Swankout - Back To 91' / In My Mind


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Swankout returns to Top Drawer Digital to claim his top ten spot for the end of 2017 with ‘Back To 91′ and ‘In My Mind’

‘Back To 91′ points your ears in the direction of the birth of rave music. Think Love Decade, think N-Joi or The Prodigy. lap up the rushy keys and oldskool beats that fit perfectly into a 2017 House or Breaks set. And then we turn to ‘In My MInd’ and you may notice the infamous ‘Twin Peaks’ 8 bar melody set to the pitched down jungle breaks and ‘raving days of glory’ vocal. That’s 2017 done and done, Swankout went and won it in the very first month with these two massive tunes

Digitally Mashed Double D Radio 06th October 2009



Top Drawer Digital have uploaded a classic mix by Digitally Mashed from 2009. Listen back to the early days of a sound known as J-Tek, a pure underground sound that drew influence from earlier Jungle Tekno, Tekno & 93 ‘Darkcore’ fusing it with Dubstep, DnB & Breaks. 7 years on this mix contains tracks that sound way ahead of their time

Lucas- Say Goodnight, Close Your eyes, Think Of Tomorrow



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3 brand new tracks by Lucas on Top Drawer Digital. ‘Say Goodnight’ is a firey dark number drawing influence from the J-Tek sound of 2009 to a house tempo. ‘Close Your Eye’ treads a delicate line between darkness and light and has a warm psychedelic feel enhanced by the spoken sample. ‘Think Of Tomorrow’ closes the EP in a more experimental freeform way, a deep melody heavy track with haunting pianos and rolling breaks. A welcome return from Lucas

TonyRockyHorror Eon LP, Interview And Exclusive Mix (Bass Music)



Tony Rocky Horror has a new album out comprising of 3 years plus of his Hardcore/Jungle influenced Bass Music productions. The EON LP is out on Top Drawer Digital and we have an exclusive mix and an interview from the man himself, read on…. (more…)

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