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Beagle – Clone Parameters (Lucas’s 140 Encounter)



Fresh and exclusive FREE DOWNLOAD from the main man behind Top Drawer Digital and numerous chart topping productions, Lucas. He has supplied us with the download of his 140 excursion remix of the latest release on the label from Beagle, the Parallel Science EP.

Taking the sparse D&B vibes of the original, Lucas turns out a slick 140 future jungle interpretation thats chilled, haunting and ethereal. Perfect warm up material or for starting/finishing a mix.  Grab your free download below and be sure to grab a copy of the full ep HERE.

To download please click the button above. When the item is added to your cart you can checkout or continue adding music. When you checkout please enter your e-mail address, first and last name and click purchase. No money will be asked for this is a FREE DOWNLOAD. You will be added to the Free Breaks Blog mailing list to keep you informed of any future mixes, tracks or features we think you’ll be interested in.  You can download direct from the PURCHASE CONFIRMATION page or via the link sent to your e-mail.

Beagle- Parallel Science [Top Drawer Digital]



Beagle has a distinct finely crafted sound, check out his back cat and see for yourself including releases for this very label, Top Drawer Digital. For this latest release on the label, we get 4 tracks of DnB darker than midnight, subtle with space to breathe and atmospheric in a cinematic sense. The influences of Techno can be heard strongly in the 4 minimal rhythms on the “Parallel Science” EP, refreshingly different, superbly produced which you can hear for yourself, all that remains is pick up a copy now

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Indigo Virus- Digital Rain [Top Drawer Digital]



Fresh off some great releases for 36Hertz Recordings, Indigo Virus joins Top Drawer Digital for ‘Digital Rain’ 4 tracks of what they refer to as ‘Flashback’ a sound that takes in elements of oldskool hardcore and jungle and here translates into dark treats like ‘Plenty Of Fish’ and ‘End Of Days’ not sounding a million miles away from the J Tek sound of a few years back, big grimey basslines to sink your ears into, very gratifying to this writer who is a big fan of both this artists and Top Drawer Digital.

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Pressa- Mind Killa Remixed [Top Drawer Digital]


To the potential doubters out there regarding 140/Future Jungle, those that say it has died a death, this writer would urge them to take the time to listen to these remixes of a sterling EP by Pressa originally released in the summer of 2013, Radiokillaz take ‘Mind Blown’ and add emphasis to the old skool ravey stabs adding in a whole loada Ragga bass n’ 140 Jungle breaks into the equation, K Man takes ‘Rollin Out’ in a direction not dissimilar to Pressa’s own production, swirling, deep low end bass heavy and stripped back with dubby atmospherics, finally Bojcot Selecta throws down the gauntlet with a masterclass in chopped up breaks reworking ‘Killa Soundboy’ into one of the best Future Jungle productions you will hear this year. Whatever your persuasion you simply cannot deny the sheer quality of these remixes.





Its always a welcome return for these two Aussie bros who have previously featured on labels such as their own Rising Lantern, Anomaly Digital, Boomsha, Quantum Progression Audio & Top Drawer Digital among others. (more…)

Digitally Mashed-Top Drawer Digital ’50 From The Top’ DJ Set



If you haven’t picked up a copy of Top Drawer Digital’s milestone compilation yet then here’s a taster in mix from label DJ Digitally Mashed, you can stream and download and have a peep at 50 of the finest from this pioneering Future Jungle/Bass imprint’s back catalogue!!!

Kambelt- All The Massive [Top Drawer Digital]



Top Drawer Digital returns with a new track by Kambelt ‘All The Massive’, tough rolling 150BPM 2 stepping beats and a dark and heavy drop make for a sinister slice of Breakage with a funky edge, another big release from TDD!!!




Over the years, Beagle’s tracks have featured on labels such as legendary old skool imprint, Bogwoppa Records, Hardcore Lives, Definition Breaks, Paranoid Recordings and previous outings for Top Drawer Digital, this latest outing comprises of 2 macabre tunes that bring together elements of oldskool from 1993 with hardcore breaks and future jungle, in fact it wouldn’t be wrong to consider this an update on the late 00’s J Tek sound that was pioneered by Top Drawer Digital and artists like Tango & Ratty, ‘Makkathran’ is epic future rave with classic breaks and vox and a clever combo of 92 esque pads with a dark cinematic melody, ‘Step Into The Light’ is a full on trip to the darkside with ominous vocals and hard hitting pads, there is also a remix, Minimal DnB style and as a bonus, check the link below for Lucas’ remix of Beagle’s ‘Positronic’, watch out for a big release to follow from Top Drawer Digital in celebration of this, their 50th release

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