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Toronto Is Broken – SXN / Go Halves / Navigate [Sub Slayers]

Toronto Is Broken-SXN, Go Halves & Navigate [Sub Slayers]



Toronto Is Broken returns to Sub Slayers with 3 killer DnB tunes- ‘SXN’, ‘Go Halves’ & ‘Navigate’, all loaded with Toronto Is Broken’s signature experimental, intelligent and bangin’ style!!!

‘SXN’ sounds like the Jungle of 2050, the trademarks are there, rolling breaks and MC samples but this is oh so different. Things start in a deep fashion before the beats begin to pummel like a pneumatic drill!!!

Navigate’ is a journey to a distant galaxy where  cybernetic organisms assimilate you with Neurofunk

‘Go Halves’ is the most out of the box of this trio, a scary voice urges the listener to go halves while synths fire off in a bodiless fashion over one of the most classic of classic breaks. You might say it sounds like the feeling of participating in an astronaut’s zero gravity tolerance test but a lot more fun and much more danceable!!! We’ve just been reminded how amazing  Toronto Is Broken is, take a listen!!!

Toronto Is Broken Ft Cianna Blaze- The Antidote /Deep Freeze [Sub Slayers]




Toronto Is broken treats our ears to some fresh cuts from his meticulous production. ‘Deep Freeze’ is a powerful bassy excursion with added vocal spice from Maxim (Prodigy)’s vocalist/MC Cianna Blaze.

On the flip, ‘The Antidote’ with Anodyne Industries is a thing of sonic beauty that could cave walls in, TIB is on the money again with another top release for Sub Slayers


Toronto Is Broken- No Gyal Tune / Radiation / Group Organism (Drum & Bass)

When it comes to Drum & Bass Toronto Is Broken keeps it fresh and moving forward each and every time, just take his latest EP on Sub Slayers

‘No Gyal Tune mashes up Jungle & DnB for a heavy soundclash, ‘ Radiation ‘ blends elements of techno with a pounding assault weapon of a tune. Also included in the soundcloud set below is the super funky bassline roller ‘Group Organism’ for free dl, boooom!!!

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Wednesday Weaponry Tunes Round Up 11 05 16

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New House, Bass, Breaks & DnB fiyah from a heap of top artists and labels


Eski-B- Backwards (Bladerunner, Toronto Is Broken & SKMA remixes) [Sub Slayers]

Eski B brings together the classic jungle sound with striking new production on this forward thinking DnB that will have you skanking back and forth. Also features great remixes from Bladerunner, Toronto Is broken & SKMA

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Gwm FT Lee- Rockin’ EP [Highly Swung]

‘Rockin’ is one of the best garage tracks we have heard in 2016. Deep, rollin’, atmospheric and melodic with emphatic and impactful vocals. How Can I takes it even deeper. Both tracks are absolute gems, get them now!!! Do it!!!

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Alibi- The Hornet EP [V Recordings]

Alibi blows our mind with this other worldy EP of dynamic futuristic DnB. We especially love ‘Hornet’ like Mr Fingers jamming in his lab back in Chicago but at a DnB tempo, brilliant

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Rahmanee- Bad Boy Steppa [Born On Road]

Born On Road are back with this fiyah EP from Rahmanee. Stepping Jungle/DnB doesn’t get better than the bad boys on offer here. Production is next level, tunes are instant ravers’ anthems. One listen and you will be jumping all over the room!!!

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David Grant- Crookies [18 09 Records]

You’ll be shuffling your hips from the opening beats of David Grants’ ‘Crookies’. The tough melodic and acidic stabs will get you seriously hyped up. These beats were meant for jackin too and they’re gonna jack all over you!!!!

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FAT MEN AT THE DISCO- Why We Funkin ‘Em [13 Records]

‘Why We Funkin’ ‘Em’ builds and builds with anthemic chords and stompin’ beats, Uplifting piano stabs filter in and out of the mix before some wobbly bass action appears to finish us off, we’ve been funked and we’re lovin’ it!!!

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Jinx- Run The Track XLEP [Ruffneck Ting]

West Midlands DnB don Jinx gives us a whopping 9 track EP for his latest release on Ruffneck Ting. You will lap junglist treats like the classic skank of ‘Wicked’, the bass, rattle, roll & P Funk of ‘Run The Track’ and the 7 other serious hitters on this XLEP. Get it in your buy cart!!!!

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Lombard Street- Deep Knee [Unique2Rhythm]

Lombard Streets’ second of three consecutive tracks for Unique2Rhythm is quite simply one of the best house/garage tracks of 2016. A deep 808 filled dark garage heater that oozes soul from every kick and click. Inspirational vocals, organ stabs that make you feel alive and an atmosphere that is unrivalled

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DJ MFR & Andi Lone- Changes [Transport Recordings]

DJ MFR & Andi Lone take us on a most pleasant of journeys with the hypnotic ‘Changes’. A percussion filled deep opus of a track with striking atmosphere and gorgeous Italian vocals from Andi Lane. The remixes are an absolute joy too supplied by Vincent Kwok & David Morrison

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Rad Rod- Madness EP [Wicked Jungle]

Rad Rod takes us on a psychedelic breakbeat sojourn with two brain bendingly good junglist hitters on Wicked Jungle. ‘Madness’ manipulates vocals and splices up breaks superbly. On the flipside Rod is joined by vocalist Lily Garcia for ‘Dark Desires’, truly dark, very very trippy and catchy. It’s jungle Jim but not as we know it. It’s wicked jungle!!!

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Maff Boothroyd Ft Barbara Douglas- Believe In Yourself [Heart Of House]

Amazing production and uplifting vibes from Maff Boothroyd who has a simply stunning new release out now on Heart Of House. With Barbara Douglas on vocals ‘Believe In Yourself’ is a red hot anthem that will bring the house down. Included are solid remixes from Dancing Divaz & Deep Matter

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Silverfox- Concrete Jungle [Smokin Joe Records]

Contrasting brilliance on Silverfoxs’ latest 2 tracker for Smokin Joe Recs. From deep dark jungle influenced Tech House to melodic classic garage in 2 tracks!!!!

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Black Girl / White Girl – Don’t Believe The Hype [Guesthouse]

Tough, jackin n’ dope. Black Girl/White Girl go in with ‘Don’t Believe The Hype’. The Hip Hop influence is very strong on this superb house workout just made for sweaty warehouse moments, dope!!!

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Pelikann- Jupiter [Saucy]

Pelikann’s latest release for Saucy clocked up some incredible plays on soundcloud before even being released!!! Featuring three tracks ‘Jupiter’, ‘Godzilla’ & ‘Tight’. The sauce on offer is forward thinking bass n breaks with awesome remixes from the likes of WATSN, Hypho, Underground Traffic & more

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Luis Pitti – Scrumptious [motion]

A scrumptious helping of drum laden tech house from Luis Pitti, deliciously dubby, real soul food!!!!

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Alkali – Music Within Me [MVMT]

House with that late 90’s big room feel, Alkali ‘Music within Me’ combines big bass, deep funk and melodic euphoria for a potent dancefloor weapon

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Drunx- Metro 53 [KONNEQT]

Sounding like Darth Vader jamming in the lab, Drunx ‘Metro’ is truly menacing with big hoover riffs and pounding beats plus those Sith like breathing effects, scarily good!!!

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Malachi- Love Break EP [Simma Red]

The hugely popular ‘Love Break’ by Malachi gets a much anticipated release on Simma Red. There’s no mistaking that powerful funky bassline. We are further treated to the equally power packed ‘Breathe As One’ Off The scale huge house weapons!!!

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GRAY Ft Kristie Clé- Change

Strong striking vocal house from GRAY. ‘Change’ features vocals from Kristie Clé and a blues style harmonica riff set to GRAYs’ classy Nu Disco style sound. Remixes come from No Hopes & Olej

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No Hopes- Killer (GRAY Remix)

GRAY remixes No Hopes ‘Killer’ in melodic Nu Disco/Deep House style. There’s a nice blend of guitar riffs and Chicago house style beats and bass. A ‘killer’ remix!!!!

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North Base- Waiting EP [Nemesis Recordings]

North Base ride the spectrum of DnB with their ‘Waiting EP’. From the dark n deadly ‘Ear Pressure’ to the P Funk of  ‘Now We’re Talkin’ to the summery haze of ‘Inflatable Skies’ and the other great tracks on this EP, this is what you’ve been ‘waiting’ for!!!!

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Danny M- Straight Outta the Oldskool EP [New Politics Records]

Straight outta the oldskool comes this new EP by Danny M on New Politics Records featuring Dannys’ signature style of bubblin’ basslines, soulful sounds and rolling beats. Fans of classic Garage & House will love this tidy update on a timeless sound.

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Toronto Is Broken Interview + Top Ten Viper Recordings Tracks

tib free breaks blog feature

Toronto Is Broken Talks About His New Track On Viper Recordings ‘The Sound Of Drum & Bass 2016′

Please tell us a bit about yourself. What have you been up to lately?

Hi, I’m Christian, otherwise known as Toronto is Broken, and despite the name I’m actually based in Leicestershire in the UK. I’ve had my head down in the studio the past couple of months, working on new music, as well as release two singles in quick succession, “Way Down / Original” followed a couple months later by “Voyager II / Want You” and I’ve been really glad with the support and feedback I’ve gotten from these tracks

How did the release on Viper Recordings come along?

Well, last year I released “This Way Up” on the 2015 edition of the album, and since then I’ve kept in contact with Futurebound, sharing brand new music of mine with him and generally

keeping him in the loop with what I’m up to. “Zero One” happened to be one of the dubs I sent over to him which he loved and he decided to stick it on the compilation.

Please tell us a bit about your track featured on ‘The Sound of Drum & Bass 2016′.

“Zero One” originally started life as the bassline of another track of mine, but I decided to take that track in a totally different direction. I kept the bassline however on my hard drive as just an audio file, as the source was heavily processed and a bit unpredictable. I stumbled across this at a later date and chopped it up, added some drums and “Zero One” was born!

The title is inspired from “The Matrix” franchise, the name of the nation the robots created for themselves, after becoming banished from human society. I’m really drawn into science fiction and anime, which has always, has a major influence on the music I make and how I name my tracks.

What are your plans for 2016?

I’ve already 95% finished my next single for Sub Slayers, that came together quickly, so that should be out early summer, I believe. On top of that, I’ve got a brand new 3-track EP coming out, that’s been my biggest project to date since my debut album “Section Nine” just over a year ago. Over a years’ worth of work has gone into these tracks and I’m really proud of them! I can’t say the title or where it’s coming out yet, but as it stands it’s due for a late April release. I’ve just finished a couple of remixes and I’m starting a fresh batch of them that will be out over the course of this year.

Toronto Is brokens’ ‘Zero One’ is out now as part of ‘The Sound Of Drum & Bass 2016′ on Viper Recordings, get the compilation here

Check Out Toronto Is Brokens’ Top Ten Viper Recordings Tracks In This Playlist:

Toronto Is Broken- Voyager II/I Want You [Sub Slayers]


THIS is DnB or rather how it should be done, once again Toronto Is Broken showcases his next level production skills over 3 extraordinary tracks of intense atmosphere packed Tech/Futuristic DnB, just gets better every time!!!




SLAYER042 - TiB - 2400


2 electrifying DnB tracks from Toronto Is Broken that will tear the house down, skilfully bringing together 360 degrees of bass into two 170BPM bangers plus a simply amazing free track entitled ‘Further’ that could be aptly described as Jungle meets Future Garage, mind officially blown,  can someone scoop up my brains please!!!

Free Track

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Toronto Is Broken Ft Nuala – Field Of Poppies (Section Nine – Sampler 3) [Sub Slayers]



‘Field Of Poppies’ taken from Toronto Is Broken’s ‘Section Nine’ LP is an incredible piece of dance music with massive crossover potential, check out the video below and hear the quality for yourself, not only that but there’s SKMA & Furney’s exquisite forays into DnB and a VIP from the man himself to top off another sterling release from the Slayers!!!

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