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Try Unity- Stand Up & Fight For Love

Try Unity- Stand Up & Fight For Love

Try Unity are a brand new trio who produce in the oldskool hardcore style among others. ‘Stand Up’ & ‘Fight For Love’ are the two huge tracks that make up potentially the first of many oldskool hardcore themed releases. If you love pure 1992 Breakbeat Hardcore then you definitely need this!!!

Try Unity are RadioSam, pirate radio DJ for 17 years playing oldskool hardcore & hardcore breaks  (or having played on) on stations including Hyper FM, Origin FM and currently on Brighton’s only FM pirate Code South 105.6 FM. Jimmy Ewins previously released some nuskool breaks tracks on Aquasky’s 777 label 10-15 years ago under the alias Jim Shimmer. Try Unity’s vocalist is Francesca Purcell. ‘Stand Up’ & ‘Fight For Love’  is No1 of a series of upcoming vinyl releases on Try Unity’s label RAVE RADIO RECORDS.

‘Stand Up’ is 2017’s ‘People Hold On’, a raver’s ode to the ethos of Peace, Love, Respect & Unity. In the turbulent and hate filled times we live in, this tune is a message of hope that reminds us what the rave scene was about back in the days of warehouse parties and open field sound systems. Crisp Jungle Breaks, uplifting vocals and Francesca Purcell’s positive vocals ring true, love is indeed the only way. What a great track, pure 92′ rave right down to the rushy mid section.

‘Fight For Love’ has the feel of a Suburban Base release circa 92′. Rolling breaks, Julee Cruise esque other wordly vocals from Francesca , scratches and a Rap vocal once again emphasising the need for PLUR. The synths keep up that Son’z Of A Loop Da’ Loop Era/Run Tings vibe with extra bouncing breaks and a super cool extended scratch. The production is excellent on both tracks, a fine introduction to Try Unity, a production who clearly know, love, live and breath oldskool hardcore. This is limited edition white label 12″ release of 100 copies priced at £8.99 with digital download so get those pre-orders in quick!!!


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