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3 Years Of Ultra Bass Records


Celebrate 3 Years Of Ultra Bass Records with this bumper compilation of quality UKG, Breakstep, Garage & Bass plus fresh material from McVicker, Lamont Dex & Digital Pilgrimz

The 26 tracks on this celebratory mixed artist album hark all the way back to 2014 (some do) right up to the present. You will hard pressed to find such variety on an album this ilk. The multiple strands of a dance music genre with its roots stretching back to 1992 is impressive. Featured on this 3-year milestone LP are Rico Tubbs, Sol Brothers, Rare Candy, Cellardore and a host of other top talents. Among the classics, we get four brand new tracks, all a testament to the Ultra Bass commitment to quality. McVicker, Lamont Dex & Digital Pilgrimz all contribute new tunes as a bonus to the premium content. All in all, a good chance to restock on some certified heaters and if by any strange coincedence, you hadn’t heard of this label yet, now’s a perfect chance to get acquainted!!!!


On1 & Luke Anthony feat. Joy B – Higher

On1 & Luke Anthony feat. Joy B - Higher

Lush and somewhat spooky UKG from On1 & Luke Anthony on the ever excellent Ultra Bass imprint, With remixes from Lamont Dex and Boxhead, this one’s a winner all right!!!

On1 & Luke Anthony present the 2 Step/UKG diamond that is ‘Higher’ featuring the lovely vocals of Joy B. Ultra Bass have consistently proven that UKG/Garage is alive and well with every consecutive release and ‘Higher’ adheres to the label’s high standard in every way.

Not only do we get the smooth vocal Garage of the original but further remixes from Lamont Dex & Boxhead take ‘Higher’ in fresh and fun directions. Lamont Dex gives the track a Speed Garage rumble in the manner we have come to know and love from him. Boxhead brings out the dark subtleties of the original and fashions them into a dreamy and uplifting Future Garage rework. That’s another sparkling addition to a fantastic back catalogue of essential music. Stream and Pre-Order the EP via the link below.

Bob Citrus- Quiz Show

Bob Citrus- Quiz Show

Bob Citrus makes a power packed debut on Ultra Bass with ‘Quiz Show’ 4 flame-grilled cuts of rave cum garage with plenty of sauce!!!

The cylinders are well and truly fired up on straight up bangers like ‘Don’t Stop’ a collab with badman don dada Rico Tubbs with trademark rave breaks/oldskool breakdown and dreamy junglistic UKG roller ‘Want You Back’, one of 2 collabs with Will Power. These 4 tracks truly do the business, one of our fave Ultra Bass EPs to date!!!

Adam Hyjek Ft Sanna Hartfield Why Do I Still

Adam Hyjek Ft Sanna Hartfield Why Do I Still

Adam Hyjek takes us on a joyful revisit to the greatest era of UKG with ‘Why Do I Still’ Ft Sanna Hartfield on Ultra Bass Records. On the remix is Style of Tigers & Wayne H both bringing the winter warming heat in abundance.

‘Why Do I Still’ is a smooth slice of 2 step soul cut from the same cloth as classic UKG tracks by the likes of Artful Dodger. Style Of Tigers get a little bit spooky with their trademark unique style on the remix. Wayne H swaps 2 Step beats for upfront House music sounds for the final remix in this ultra-fine package of a release. This one’s tailor made for true lovers of both UKG & House. The entire release, especially Adam’s original version is a standard bearer for classy music.

Lamont Dex & MC Plain English – Sniper



Buy This Release Here

Lamont Dex & MC Plain English revisit the classic 2 step UKG/MC formula with ‘Sniper’ on Ultra Bass Records

The dark chords and stepping beats are perfect for a UKG or Breaks fan and MC Plain English epitomises the oldskool Garage MC with dazzling rhymes!!!

Nuendo- Secrets [Ultra Bass Records]



Release Date: 24/11/16

Free Breaks Blog Premiere Stream Of Nuendo ‘Secrets’ (Michael Luke remix)

As soon as we heard Nuendo ‘Secrets’, we had to reach out to Lamont Dex at Ultra Bass Records who kindly let us premiere the sparkling 90’s House style remix by Michael Luke.

The original is a perfect showcase of where this label is right now. Crossing boundaries and closing the gap between those six degrees of separation. The track, the remixes, indeed the entire release has a whole person feel blending Garage US & UK with Deep/Tech House & Breaks.

And what about those remixes? When you have the likes of Adam Hyjek, Thorn, Lewis Low and of course, Michael Luke on board you have a truly pleasing package of quality urban dance music suitable for all. Get on board!!!

Lamont Dex Interview + New Free Track



Lamont Dex has a new tune up for free download on 3000 Bass. A dark ‘Neurotech’ track that will go down well with fans of Breaks, DnB & Jungle. he also did this great insightful interview for us. You can read the interview below and cop the dl here  

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Ok, so my name is “Lamont Dex”….. or “Dex” to my inner circle of musical friends!…. I’ve been producing for around 9, nearly 10 years now all together, (although I’d say only about 4 of those years have been concentrated and focused on actual progression), as for most of the time I was just plonking beats together and wondering around not knowing a thing ha.
I started out making jungle & dnb tunes back in around 07 and have just messed around with all sorts since, from dubstep to breakbeat and bassline etc.
How did you get involved in Ultra Bass Records?

I had moved through a bunch of projects through 2012 and 2013 trying to get serious and make some effort, figuring out what my next move and sound was; I’ve always been a big fan of UKG so I thought I’d give it a whack…

Anyway, to cut a long story short, when I emigrated to Toronto, Canada from England, I had plenty of time to start building my new “Lamont Dex” project, So I started working away…… DJ Wisk came across a few of my songs that I had put out for free and put me in contact with Josh Millett (AKA DJ KOR)….which was surreal as I’d been listening to KOR’s speed garage tunes for time!…

Josh got a hold of me, he liked what I was doing and got me onboard. I did plenty of remixes and just kept working away and getting my name on the releases. Fast forward to around mid 2015; Josh was unable to continue with the label, so I took over…..and here we are!
How would you describe your production style?

Until recently, I would say….amateur! Haha…. Erm… nah it’s a constant battle between self-drive and self-criticism really (as I’m sure every producer would tell you). I’m really trying to push things into different and new areas at the moment; I had become a little too complacent recently, so I decided it was time for a kick up the proverbial arse and start getting creative again. I’m still doing things with a bit of a garage kick, but I’ve started working on some jungle, a bit of grime, breaks, all sorts really.

Was there a moment or a tune or a DJ set that made you decide you were going to produce?

Absolutely, If I could narrow it down, I think there is two songs; Qemists – Stompbox (Spor Remix) & Black Sun Empire – The Sun


Which events from over the years in your career, so far really stick in your mind and why?

I think I’d obviously have to say the ones that I’m currently involved in to be honest, the people and crews that I’m associated with are great people. (Shouts the BUMP/SKENG/Night Shift crews!)
I’ve always been more into the producing side of music to be honest though so I don’t DJ very often, don’t get me wrong… I absolutely love to DJ…. But my focus is more on the production side so I’m no DJ EZ haha, but I’d like to think I have my place here and I get to show my performing side occasionally.

The Toronto scene for UK music is tight-knit and it’s full of extreme talent right now too, and the scene is growing for sure, it’s fantastic. There’s lots going on in Toronto, you got Last Planet throwing mad parties every other week and Night Shift doing the midweek thing, we have BUMP like every month doing the UKG & Funky, Grime etc.

I unfortunately miss a lot of them due to other things I have going on that clash with a lot of the events, but I know they’ll be there when I can eventually get there; because these guys are so consistent, it’s great to see the British music that I love so much, being represented so well and with such passion in this great city.
What was your first experience of garage music and how did you get into the sound?

Haha, I don’t even know, it’s just always been there, I’m a typical lad from middle England, music has always been a big part of my life, there are so many genres that it’s hard to figure out when I first noticed it really.
Who are your major influences in terms of music production?

There’s a few, I like to draw from many axis, it also depends on what I’m feeling at the time too. My biggest influences have always been the artists that hold a unique sound, recently I’ve been drawing my inspiration back from the dark DnB I used to listen to back in the day…..Noisia, Black Sun Empire etc … and then just applying it to my own thing, I would say that technically speaking they’re the most skilled out there. But then on the musical side, you can’t beat a Tuff-Jam

I would say that technically speaking they’re the most skilled out there. But then on the musical side, you can’t beat a Tuff-Jam record, or an old Artful Dodger anthem.
Tell us a few of your all time and current favourite producers?

Great question….ok…..All time… I’m gonna say…. Jon Gooch (Spor), Black Sun Empire, Armand Van Helden, Daft Punk, Grant Nelson, Chase & Status, Pendulum.
Current; I would easily say Cellardore, Hypho, Black Sun Empire (Still), Hybrid Theory, Adam Hyjek, DJD/LedaStray.
When would you say was the moment when heads started to turn to your music, or people started to pay attention?

I’m still waiting for it ain’t I? Ha, nah…..erm, I dunno really…I try not to pay too much attention to the fuzz, but it’s always nice when you get support, especially from people you look up to… I mean, when DJ Q messages you to tell you that your tunes are “sick”… and he’s playing them on Kiss nearly every week for about 4 months solid…I mean I can’t be doing too bad there?
I love the fact that there are people back in Blighty that are listening to my music and enjoying it though, as a producer it’s the best gift, especially when people occasionally go out of their way to message me about it, I’d say that’s the ultimate pleasure really. Because I’m not there to be physically involved in the scene, it’s harder for me to judge, but I love it, especially the DJ’s who are pushing me right now, I appreciate every play on any station.

Because I’m not there to be physically involved in the scene, it’s harder for me to judge, but I love it, especially the DJ’s who are pushing me right now, I appreciate every play on any station.
What is it about the current wave of garage music that appeals to you?

I think it’s the diversity now….. there’s a lot of bass orientated sounds getting involved….and I absolutely love that, it gives garage more options, because it’s starting to get a little repetitive and predictable now, too much cookie cutter stuff going on. I love garage music to death but there are only so many Korg M1 organ stabs I can listen to! I love

I love garage music to death but there are only so many Korg M1 organ stabs I can listen to! I love that things are changing and melting together right now though, because when we regurgitate the same sounds constantly, we’re not moving forward! But there are some really exciting producers in the scene, like Cellardore, M.O.A.D, DJD/Leda Stray etc.
What made you choose garage as a genre?

I don’t know really, it’s always been a part of my life in some way, garage music is a British music staple I think haha. I’m starting to move into other fields again though, still keeping a bit of a garage vibe, but experimenting, that’s what it’s all about. So I wouldn’t say I “chose” garage music but it’s certainly a part of my creative spectrum!
If you could work on a track with anyone from now or way back when, who would it be?

I think the “No Roots” album by Faithless and “Mezzanine” by Massive Attack, that would have been a dream come true haha, although I was too young for either, but both albums are exemplary models of what electronic music needs to strive towards in this age if I’m honest, both musically and technically.

And if you could remix any tune of your choice, which one would you choose and why?

Hard question to be honest, if you mean commercially then definitely a Major Lazer song, they are really crushing it right now, upsettingly most people think they’re some random pop production crew, but those guys have been slaying it for time, love their stuff, Diplo is a super talented producer.
Do you like to tell stories with your music? If so give us a few examples

Yeah absolutely, well..I TRY to anyway. I’ve not actually released many solo EPs as Lamont Dex so far though, so I haven’t really been able to show that. I’ve been doing so many remixes over the last couple of years that my name has gotten around on the backs of other artists’ releases. Other than that it’s been compilation releases too, so I’ve actually knocked that on the head for the time being, it was a great way for me to get my name around but I’m focusing on my own thing right now and trying to be as creative as possible.
Tell us about any other music related stuff you’re involved in

Well, I wouldn’t say it’s solely “Music” related but I’m currently studying Audio Engineering at a college in Toronto. I absolutely love it! I’m a bit of a geek so it’s right up my street! In terms of musical projects; I’m broadening the horizons for Lamont Dex, I’m also in the works for a collaborative project with a super talented musician/vocalist/songwriter called Sebastian V, which is going to be

I’m also in the works for a collaborative project with a super talented musician/vocalist/songwriter called Sebastian V, which is going to be interesting to say the least, we haven’t nailed down a specific sound yet but that’s the beauty of it, we’ll see what happens! Variety is the spice of life!
Could you offer a bit of advice for an up and coming producer?

Absolutely! …. 1) Be Humble! Nobody likes a bigheaded “know-it-all”. 2) Pay attention to your peers! Sometimes your mixes are dogsh*t… you need to be able to accept the honest feedback in order to fix up and progress. 3) Stop thinking you’ve made it when you’ve released one single! Too often, I see young lads thinking they’re the best thing since sliced bread because their tune was played in the local snooker hall…..calm down mate,

Too often, I see young lads thinking they’re the best thing since sliced bread because their tune was played in the local snooker hall…..calm down mate, there’s over 23,000 songs uploaded to Juno’s dance charts every 4 days….. This leads me to point 4) Respect the next man…. You’re not the only one trying to do your thing, don’t disrespect other’s efforts. 5) Stay positive and work hard; the music industry and music production in general is a marathon, not a sprint. 6) Don’t worry about what other people are doing, focus on your own thing, it’s hard sometimes, but you can’t do your best when you’re focusing on someone else’s stuff!

Who’s supporting Lamont Dex on the DJ circuit?

I’m proud to say there’s quite a few actually, I’m gonna feel bad when I read this back down the line and realise I’ve left people out (If I have then I’m sorry, it’s not intentional!) erm…definitely gotta shout to DJ Wisk, Adam Hyjek, Sir Real, DJ Si, James Lee, Mikey Smith, Hazee, Cartier, Freeza Chin, Lush, Marcus Visionary, Maya Stone, ahh man I know I’ve probably forgotten people, but bigup to all of them, playing my stuff whether it be on radio or at live events!
Out of all the tunes you’ve made, which is your favourite?

Ahh I’d say my remix of “Step Aside” by Marcus Visionary and Steppa Style. I was so humbled and grateful to have been offered that remix, I just loved the vibe from the onset, it was one of those songs that just flowed from the start. If I could change anything I would just change a few technical aspects that I wasn’t really aware of at that point but I wouldn’t change the song really, however I don’t really believe in going back to alter your own work, I did it once, but it’s out there now and it’s part of my growth, I’m still really proud of that one.
What would you say is the Ultra Bass label ethos?

Pride in individuality.
Which tunes are essentials in your DJ sets right now?

Oh yes, there’s a few; Thorn’s remix of “Take Me Away” by Junior UK & Martin Carr, “Take The Block” by Everyman, “Shut T F Up” by ATTOS, Cellardore’s bootleg of Hobson’s choice, Adam Hyjek’s “Basements in Xuhui”, there’s a few actually, it depends on the gig though of course.
What are the vital elements to making a tune that come into play when you’re in the studio?

Without pointing out the obvious…the beat….if the beat is no good then I’m not into it. The bassline has to move for me too, if I’m not feeling some sort of groove or movement then I’m not moving forward.

Of course the melodic and music content is just as important, but I generally make club-type music so you can be as musical as you like but if the beat is pants then no-one will dance to it. But music is more about feelings than “musical rules” though, I think. (It really depends on the song too, no 2 songs are made the same, unless you’re “cookie cutting”)
When receiving demos for the label, what do you look for in a track?

Something different! I can’t tell you how many tunes I’ve been sent; where it’s just a generic house beat and a donk melody! If you want to stand out, then be creative, don’t be lazy and stop following the perceived “fashion!”

When is your next record release?

I’ve got a single called “Sniper” (Collaboration with ‘MC Plain English’) coming out real soon on Ultra Bass… been waiting to get it out for time!…We’re still waiting on some remixes so we’re gonna make 2 releases out of it, the original will come out as a single then the remixes will come out with the VIP.

I’ve got a couple of new things in the works too, working on some really interesting dark neurotech and garage stuff for Future Follower Records, I’ve been making some Jungle & drum n bass as well, so yeah….lots to come in the new year!

VA-The Ultra Underground Vol 3

VA- The Ultra Underground Vol Three [Ultra Bass Records]

The third in Ultra Bass Record’s critically acclaimed compilation series ‘The Ultra Underground’ could be summed up in a two-word review ‘absolutely essential’. But we won’t just do that, let’s talk a bit about the mouth-watering tracks on this classy comp.

For 2 Step Garage and grime lovers, check out the awesome tunes by Erban Fox, Lamont Dex, Celladore, Bitr8 & Thorn, Digital Pilgrimz, On1, and Harri Georgio & Scrivs. Listening to said tracks makes you realise how much depth there is in a sub-genre. You get everything from timeless oldskool UKG to cutting edge Bass cum Techno cum Grime

If like this writer, you’re partial to a bit of quality Deep/Tech House then Adam Hyjek, Mr.Spring, Terror Tone,  and 99db;s contributions to ‘Ultra Underground Vol 3′  are House Music at it’s finest

Love Bass House? Stravan, Renaud Genton and Bitr8 & Thorn have got that more than adequately covered for you

And you love a bit of firing 98′ style Speed Garage you say? Well, you might be forgiven for thinking DJ Parallax and Xales’ offerings on this fantastic album are straight off a dusty vinyl from back in the day, super authentic!!!!

Get The Ultra Underground Vol Three here, like we said, two words, absolutely essential!

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