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Rhythm 4 Reason – Make Some Noise For The DJs



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As 2016 draws to a close, Rhythm 4 Reason throw a contender for the best track of the year into the hat.

Love House music? Also love oldskool hardcore circa 1992? Messrs Wayne Dudley & Phil Maher clearly do too. The difference is while the likes of you and I endlessly debate on social media over which 92 tunes has most merit, these two went and made a brand new tune with all the best bits of the original oldskool sound. Rushy pianos, call to action MC vox, uplifitng synths and on the ‘Sound Of The 92′ Cru’ mix…breaks, yes breaks!!!

And if you’re more of the 4×4 persuasion (and why not after all?) then the ‘2 Kool For The Newskool’ Mix retains all that oldskool flava in a massive Tech House package.  ‘Make Some Noise For The DJs’ is out now on Ulybug. as far as this writer is concerned it’s one of several Rhythm 4 Reason tunes that stand up as this years biggest and best.

NYLP – Resistance EP


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NYLP aka Roben Neal is one of the freshest talents to come out of Ulybug Music. Since his first release (Envy) NYLP has gone from strength to strength.

Having done the remix of (Nightshift) for Sam Hudson, His mix went straight to number 1 in the Trackitdown electronic music chart and received great support from international DJs from across the globe.

Recently he has again put his remix gloves on and remixed Bobby T and Mark Williams track (Own Skin) to rave reviews and full radio support from international DJs like Judge Jules, Andy Durrant, Flash Brothers, Lee Dagger , Michael Woods, Stonebridge, Hoxton Whores, CJ Mackintosh and Camilo Franco to name a few.

Now NYLP has come back with a massive EP called “The Resistance EP”. This is a true masterpiece of music production.

“Resistance” is a real deep underground banger. This is a bass line driven track with great drums that complement the bass line that drives throughout the track. This track keeps you captivated from start to finish. In the main break you have a snippet of vocal that will keep your head bopping and your feet tapping to this infectious groove.

“My Sound” is another infectious track. With this track you are being taken on journey with a rumbling bass and haunting sounds. The repeated vocal that has been slowed down and delayed to keep your head spinning, this track really brings out the darker edge to NYLP and his production. This track will happily grace DC10 on the terrace and would keep the crowd captivated.

“Luciano” is the final instalment to this perfectly put together EP. You are lead down a path of pure and deadly deep crisp house. The shuffling percussion is the backbone of this track but the heavy bass line is the heartbeat of the track. The crazy effects that jump out at you and disappear into the track give you the feeling of moving around in a different dimension. This a track of epic proportions.

The Resistance EP is a got to have EP for any revolutionary Mixer and DJ. Enjoy!


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10 Big New Bass Music Releases

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House, Techno, Drum N Bass and just good ol’ Bass!!! Here’s ten hot releases from the likes of Lee Pearce, Jolyon Petch and the Sub Slayers fam….


1.ENNE – Acido Futura

A musician in every sense of the word, ENNEserves up some fresh cuts of his spacey funky house for Karmoloft Music, If you love lots of melodic and quirky snyths then these tracks are calling your name

2.Leo Aguiar – Sapato

Heavy stabs on this tough jagged slice of tech house by Leo Aguiar. ‘Sapato’ packs a ferocious thump perfect for those dancefloors that like their house beats pounding, stripped back and Techno leaning

3.Lee Pearce – So Deep

You have read it so many times from us this year because it’s true. Lee pearce is one of the best homegrown house producers around representing the UK with a signature sound that has tons of appeal. His long awaited EP on Fxtion Records is finally out. The title track is a summery dreamy skank through bumpin’ house with flourishes of pads that sends the listener’s dopamine into overdrive. This top class track is backed by two must must listen/must dance to tracks. get it in your cart!!!

4.Sub Slayers: Series 05 – Garage Bassline

Sub Slayers unveils the latest in it’s series of compilations. This time the focus is on the Garage & Bassline influenced tracks from the label’s quality loaded back cat. Tracks by Gold Dubs, Jinx In Dub, Dead Belly & Atomic Drop make up just a few of the forward thinking and funky cuts on the album all mixed up by Toronto Is Broken. All the bass you need!!!

5.Macht- Throwback EP

A couple of lovely low end bumpin house grooves from Macht on 2tone Records. Expect to hear a lot more from this producer, His talent is so evident on these two classy tracks. Perfect for NYC/US House flavoured DJ sets


Marcus Intalex breaks out his House/Techno alias for a luscious deep piano house groove that just keeps giving. Building in layers and layers of melodic massiveness ‘Casino’ is a certified club weapon and one of the best house tracks of the year

7.Atypical – Bad Signal EP

Atypical flex some musical muscle for the ‘Bad Signal EP’ on MFR Records. The title track is full on firing Ghetto House. So are the remaining two tracks in fact. Full of moody bass and swagger, this EP  goes down a real treat, give it a blast and hear for yourself

8.Marvellous Cain – Rebel Salute EP

Energetic Ragga Jungle from the legend Marvelous Cain, The ‘Rebel Salute EP’ is a fat injection of Dubstep influenced heavyweight bass, classic Ragga vocals and slammin beats

9.Sam Hudson – The People EP

Sam Hudson returns to Ulybug Music with a full EP of diverse House beats

‘The People’ is a massive big room tech House heater mixing up funky basslines, jackin beats and techy melodys

‘What is this Place’ gets funky with a twisted edge, murky basslines, freaky vox and spinbacks, this is one for the freaks on the dancefloor!!

‘You Way’ finishes things off with jazzy licks and classic house sounds on a terrace groove tip. This is proper house music, hit play, listen and snap this gorgeous EP up!!!

10.Jolyon Petch – U Sure Do

Jolyon Petch reworks Strike ‘U Sure Do’ into a modern club house heater keeping the big uplifting pianos while adding in some extra keys and nice poolside style sounds. There’s some great remixes, especially Jolyon’s awesome DnB re rub. We’re sure lovin’ this one!!!

Jonathan Ulysses & Sam Dungate- Large [Ulybug]


Jonathan Ulysses & Sam Dungate bring the absolute BASS with this fresh new twisting, winding n’ bumpin’ tech house heater ‘Large’, large it certainly is!!! Plus a dope remix by Lemon Yellow Pea!!!

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NYLP- Envy [Ulybug Music]


This funky Tech House heater from NYLP is currently topping the Trackitdown tech House charts, specifically the Sam Hudson mix which you can stream a clip of below, it’s a big jackin’ bassline monster of a track, no wonder it’s doing so well, a perfect track for getting that rammed crowd properly rocking in the club!!!

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New beats for Wayne Dudley who works a timeless vocal from the annals of dance music history into a elasticated hypnotic garage/tech groove of 4×4 goodness with a stand out bassline that will get you on the move!!! Also included are must listen mixes from Fletch & Lemon Yellow Pea.



Jonathan Ulysses Ft Top Cat- Wine Up Ya Body



Featuring a thumpin’ remix from the Dolly Rockers, Jonathan Ulysses reworks a 93 house classic into a 2015 bassy deep house heater with added spice via vocals from ragga legend Top Cat, just wait for that drop!!!! A seriously large tune from JC, one you will be hearing on the best dancefloors everywhere!!!!


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