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Bumpin’ Soul- Delusion

Bumpin' Soul- Delusion

According to Wikipedia, delusion means

A belief that is held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary.

Now, while Bumpin’ Soul’s new track is entitled ‘Delusion’ there is nothing deluded about it whatsoever. This the Unique2Rhythm stalwart, Bumpin’ Soul delivering a funktified slice of jackin’ house for the label and you would be deluded to miss out on it!!!

This baby rolls, oh how it rolls, it bumps too. The disco orchestra is playing a great tune, the beats are pumpin’ while an authoritative voice warns us of the dangers of delusion, how can we not heed this warning?

We know for a fact that JC Unique takes great care to ensure Unique2Rhythm content is the very best it can be. The artists also play a huge role in this and we have to pay respects to Bumpin’ Soul for this truly classy tune!!!

Mike Millrain – Treat Me Right

Mike Millrain - Treat Me Right

Mike Millrain ‘Treat Me Right’ marks this prestigious artist’s (not to mention top DJ & sound engineer) first solo release for Unique2Rhythm and wouldn’t you guess? It’s an absolute diamond!!!

Mike Millrain has provided mastering and remix services for the label already but it was surely just a matter of time before he treated us to one of his classy productions under the Unique2Rhythm banner. Mike has featured on many of the best labels in today’s House & Garage scene (Unique2Rhythm being one of those top labels) and the reason why is clear. It’s that precision smooth classic garage sound, whether it’s soulful and bumpy- as is the case with ‘Treat Me Right’ or the many other styles this man does so well.

‘Treat Me Right’ takes us back while looking foward, you will think of currently active producers like Grant Nelson & Jeremy Sylvester i.e purveyors of the pure Garage sound that precedes UKG, 2 Step & Grime. The sound can’t be beaten especially when Mr Mike Millrain is at the desk!!!

Lombard Street – Side 2 Side

Lombard Street - Side 2 Side

Lombard Street ‘Side 2 Side’ is pure underground house music, plain, simple and beautiful. Taking the raw but melodic sound of mid 90s garage and distilling it with modern production techniques, Lombard Street crafts a joyous groove in the style that gave rise to so many huge sub-genres-UKG, Bassline, 2 Step, you name it. But this sound can’t be beaten, especially when it’s done as well as this. Yet more essential music from Unique2Rhythm!!!!

True2Life Ft Lady Bunny- (For You) I’ll Wait

True2Life, Lady Bunny- (For You) I'll Wait

True2Life Ft Lady Bunny ‘(For You) I’ll Wait’ is the latest slice of solid House music gold to grace the Unique2Rhythm release catalogue. A rich puritan sound permeates this entire track right from the analogue style kicks, the 90s certified organ riffs and Lady Bunny’s heartbeat increasing vocals. Right down tot he style of song with call and respond sections, this is the best of House brought into the new era without sacrificing a scrap of the style and panache of that original sound.

And for those who prefer a bumpier ride, the ‘Bump’ mix will stamp your ticket. a graceful groove on a par with current Garage legends like Mike Millrain & Golf Clap. Every now and again you hear that smokin’ tune, well, if you hit that buy link above you’re listening to one right now!!!

JC Unique- 100 Percent

JC Unique- 100 Percent


Buy Here

JC Unique doesn’t do quality House music by halves, he always gives it ‘100 Percent’ and that’s exactly what you’re getting on this fantastic new single for Unique2Rhythm.

If you love the 80’s Soul Funk sound of Cameo, Zapp and the late Prince then JC Unique’s ‘100 Percent’ will get you well and truly in the zone with funkadelic phat synth stabs and sassy diva vocals. JC applies these groovy elements to that instantly appealing and indefatigable classic US House sound. 100 percent excellence evident to the ears!!!

Kindred Soul – Don’t Wanna Be

Kindred Soul Don't Wanna Be

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Kindred Soul bring their brand of polished vocal house to Unique2Rhythm with ‘Don’t Wanna Be’

Kindred Soul have chalked up an impressive resume of tracks on labels like Bad Habit Muzik & Major Leauge Hustlaz.  Now they feature on one of the finest UK based House imprints. Here at Free Breaks Blog we don’t hide the fact we review music we genuinely love. We certainly don’t hide how fond we are of Unique2Rhythm Records and we’re not going to hide how much we love ‘Don’t Wanna Be’

The original version of ‘Don’t Wanna Be’ glides along in Kindred Soul’s signature pure 90’s piano house music style. For these ears, there definitely seems to a subtle nod to Derrick May’s seminal ‘Strings Of Life’ tucked away with the stirring pianos and soul-drenched vocals.

Adam Hyjek graces our blog with another sterling production offering a US-tinged house/garage remix of  ‘Don’t Wanna Be’

K-Soul’s groove mix transports back to the early 90’s Soulful House sound of the late Frankie Knuckles. This remix is rich with 80’s soul style instrumentation and perfectly compliments the vocals.

The truth is you hear releases of this calibre, admire them and feel a bit sad that they don’t get the exposure they deserve. The least we can do is show some support through buying or even just making others aware that music like this is available. Massive kudos to JC Unique and all the artists at Unique2Rhythm who continue to deliver high-quality house music against all odds.

True2life & Jazzloungerz Ft An-Tonic & Mandel Turner – One House Plus

True2life & Jazzloungerz Ft An-Tonic & Mandel Turner - One House Plus

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True2life & Jazzloungerz close another stellar year for House label, Unique2Rhythm with ‘One House Plus’

Featuring vocals from An-Tonic & Mandel Turner, ‘One House Plus’ is a smooth, exhilarating cruise taking in sweet organ stabs and warm deep Chicago style keys.

The T2l Hit It mix raises the euphoria levels to fever pitch bringing out the fullness of the original versions’ musical arrangements, one for the clubs, one for your car soundsystem (make sure it’s a good soundsytem so you can really appreciate the beats!!!)

Jazzlounger’s remix is perfectly suited for more Deep/Tech House tastes. Things get looped for a hypnotic Tech/Disco feel with a nice bubblin’ bassline.

It’s been a huge year for Unique2rhythm. True2life & Jazzloungerz give us a glimpse into the even bigger 2017 that awaits for this quality imprint.

Steve Lucas & Soul Jacka – Don’t Forget About Love



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Steve Lucas & Soul Jacka make us feel all warm inside with a timely Soulful House reminder on Unique2Rhyhtm ‘Don’t Forget About Love’

Everything about this track from the pause for reflection lyrics to the uplifting feel good pianos and beats is a joy. And those words will make you think. A spiritual message is embodied in the words of  ‘Don’t Forget About Love’ that lies at the very roots of House music. That message is carried by a true House groove remixed by SJ. Filtered drops, deep throbbing bass, soulful pianos, and pumping uptempo beats. Unique2Rhythm see 2016 to a close with yet another sparkling release, fantastic.

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