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DnB Round Up

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A whopping DnB round up today including some unmissable full length albums and EPs, click the soundcloud links for buy info


Freqax- Meant To Believe LP [Othercide]

The duo of Freqax started out producing back in 2008, today they have done themselves proud with a full length album of diverse DnB. Whether it’s menacing Neuro or vocal tracks featuring Joanna Syze, the sheer quality shines throughout here

Volatile Cycle- Reaktiv LP [Renegade Hardware]

Volatile Cycle have dabbled in Garage & Glitch Hop and have also become a formidable name in DnB. Teaming up with prestige label Renegade Hardware you can expect an album of classic and modern Neuro & Techstep keeping with the Renegade Hardware hallmark of next level production.

K Jah- Got To Have It

Birmingham badman K Jah shows the Peaky Blinders ain’t got nuthin on the skankin basslines and rolling beats of this straight up must have new EP on Ruffneck Ting. A man who knows his Jungle and DnB and exactly what rocks a crowd, you’ve gotta have it!!!!

VA- MethLab 2 (Bad Taste Recordings)

On this hot new genre pushing DnB comp you have the likes of Current Value, Billain and Kursa, Disprove, Signal, Audeka, Optiv & CZA, Rawtekk & MachineCode. Expect solid colabs from some of the artists here and smoldering single tracks too

SKORPZ – Darquid

SPORPZ  drops an album of the darkest, the dankest and the dopest underground DnB. There’s a whole heap of tracks here that are and will be smashing up airwaves and raves everywhere

Lynx: Vault 1

Lynx takes us on a tour through their back cat and oh my is it diverse, engaging, highly listenable and it all sounds brand new!!!

VA- 5 Years of Titan Pt 1

Part one of Titan’s 5yr milestone comp see’s A.M.C & A-Cray lay down a couple of intricate layered rabble rousers, what a great taster of what’s to come!!!

Rends- No Scope

Rend supplies us with two deep duby DnB rollers that will get under your skin for all the right reasons. Fresh fiyah from the wicked Wicked Jungle imprint!!!

Dj SS & MC Warren G- Nothing Hollow/Walk Through The Valley

Two warriors, two veterans, one DJ/Producer and one larger than life MC. DJ SS & MC Warren G renew a partnership that spans decades of Jungle & DnB with 3 brand new tracks celebrating 25 years of Formation, forward ever, backwards never!!!

Redpine & Solo ­ Hindsight

3 distinctive musical Jungle/DnB rollers from this Leeds/London duo. If you love your beats, deep, rich and finely crafted then Redpine & Solo have got you covered right here!!!

Matrix & Futurebound – Scatterbrain

Energetic ravey DnB at it’s best and why wouldn’t it be when Matrix & Futurebound are in the lab!!!

Serum & Voltage-Jupiter EP

Featuring DnB takes on Hip Hop classics by House Of Pain and ODB, Serum & Voltage combine the best of their signature sound for a truly awesome EP out now on Low Down Deep

Document One – Klaxon – [Technique Summer 2016 LP Sampler]

Combining summertime aesthetics with jaxxy grooves and breezy euphoria inducing vocals, Document One provide us with another tantalising taster for this upcoming compilation

Jurassic Records- Amen To That 001

Jurassic Records bring together the underground Jungle/Breakcore scene’s top artists for a mighty soundclash that can purchased for your preferred price and is well worth it

Section – Come Ready EP

Section comes ready with 4 boomin DnB rollers showcasing their much in demand style on Audio Addict Records, next hype right here!!!!

Humb – Unwanted Dubz EP

Humb gives the Ragga Jungle & Breakcore fans what they have been crying out for with a bass booming, ruffneck riddim attack of 4 track EP

Savannah – Step Back EP

Savannah’s vocals are truly stunning, she should be smashing the UK top 40 if there is any justice. Combined with the incredible production skills of Durban plus remixers. A new milestone in the prestigious back cat of Anti Social Recs

Benny L- Appleroids EP

Electro tinged bassline slapping DnB goodness from Benny L, 4 tracks that range from deeper sounds to full on rave assaults on the excellent Audioporn imprint

Hmr – Ruffneck Chicken / Curfew

Hmr takes it Back To The Jungle on…. Back To The Jungle!!!! 2 tracks of oldskool style Jungle that rumble with a mission on a wave of the toughest amen breakage

L 33: Karate LP

15 tracks of DnB heat no wait fiyah from L 33 from pulsing buzzing and fizzing Neuro to more traditional big room DnB bangers there is something for all on this excellent and we mean excellent LP on the EatBrain imprint

Receptor- Okay/Crossover

2 great tracks by Receptor out now on Mainframe, we especially love the melodic house


Smooth – True Grit EP (Trailer)



Check Out The Video Trailer For This Big Forthcoming EP By Smooth On Viper Recordings

Coming out 27 May 2016, the massive new EP by Smooth ‘True Grit’ on Viper Recordings, Featuring 4 thundering slices of DnB that you’re going to be hearing all summer and beyond!!! Check out the trailer video below

Pre Order Link

InsideInfo- Conformity [Viper Recordings]



Refusing To Conform, InsideInfo Drops A Deadly DnB Banger On Viper Recordings

InsideInfos’ ‘Conformity’ refuses to conform, a track, that fizzes, pops and bubbles, most importantly it bangs hard with crisp and classy production and will get you off your seat to jump around like a loon!!!!

Buy Link

Tantrum Desire- Think About You [Technique Recordings]


Tantrum Desire Are In Epic Ravey Mode For The Bangin’ ‘Think About You’

Tantrum Desire go nuts with this massive rave style DnB smasher complete with a breezy atmospheric drop and dutty skankin’ bass!!!!

Buy Link

Toronto Is Broken Interview + Top Ten Viper Recordings Tracks

tib free breaks blog feature

Toronto Is Broken Talks About His New Track On Viper Recordings ‘The Sound Of Drum & Bass 2016′

Please tell us a bit about yourself. What have you been up to lately?

Hi, I’m Christian, otherwise known as Toronto is Broken, and despite the name I’m actually based in Leicestershire in the UK. I’ve had my head down in the studio the past couple of months, working on new music, as well as release two singles in quick succession, “Way Down / Original” followed a couple months later by “Voyager II / Want You” and I’ve been really glad with the support and feedback I’ve gotten from these tracks

How did the release on Viper Recordings come along?

Well, last year I released “This Way Up” on the 2015 edition of the album, and since then I’ve kept in contact with Futurebound, sharing brand new music of mine with him and generally

keeping him in the loop with what I’m up to. “Zero One” happened to be one of the dubs I sent over to him which he loved and he decided to stick it on the compilation.

Please tell us a bit about your track featured on ‘The Sound of Drum & Bass 2016′.

“Zero One” originally started life as the bassline of another track of mine, but I decided to take that track in a totally different direction. I kept the bassline however on my hard drive as just an audio file, as the source was heavily processed and a bit unpredictable. I stumbled across this at a later date and chopped it up, added some drums and “Zero One” was born!

The title is inspired from “The Matrix” franchise, the name of the nation the robots created for themselves, after becoming banished from human society. I’m really drawn into science fiction and anime, which has always, has a major influence on the music I make and how I name my tracks.

What are your plans for 2016?

I’ve already 95% finished my next single for Sub Slayers, that came together quickly, so that should be out early summer, I believe. On top of that, I’ve got a brand new 3-track EP coming out, that’s been my biggest project to date since my debut album “Section Nine” just over a year ago. Over a years’ worth of work has gone into these tracks and I’m really proud of them! I can’t say the title or where it’s coming out yet, but as it stands it’s due for a late April release. I’ve just finished a couple of remixes and I’m starting a fresh batch of them that will be out over the course of this year.

Toronto Is brokens’ ‘Zero One’ is out now as part of ‘The Sound Of Drum & Bass 2016′ on Viper Recordings, get the compilation here

Check Out Toronto Is Brokens’ Top Ten Viper Recordings Tracks In This Playlist:

Brookes Brothers Ft Majesty- Good To Me [Viper Recordings]

VPR 085

You get two distinctive and enjoyable takes on DnB with the uplifting original of ‘Good To Me’ by  Brookes Brothers Ft Majesty and a dancefloor sizzle with BMotion’s tough and upfront take on it, either way, you need this tune!!!! Out Now on Viper Recordings

Buy/Stream Via These Links

Octo PI’s Top 10 Viper Recordings Tracks


Please tell us a bit about yourself. What have you been up to lately?
I’m Jon aka Octo Pi, a DJ/Producer, I’ve been making Drum & Bass for about 12 years now and slowly and steadily getting my name out there.

How did the release on Viper Recordings come along?
I had a previous release last year on the 2015 Summer Slammers Compilation with my track ‘Matter’, I sent it to Brendan aka Futurebound and he thought it was great, since then I’ve kept sending him my tracks. ‘Pay off’ was originally an instrumental, and Brendan responded saying he loved it but maybe it would work with a vocal. That’s when I thought of Sam aka Modify Perspective, he’s a great friend and also a great producer with an amazing voice, we had always talked about him singing on one of my tracks, so I sent him the tune and in my opinion he absolutely nailed it!

What are your plans for 2016?
I have a lot of sets coming up over the next few months, including a few back 2 back with Sam. I’m currently writing an album, so lots of music to get out of my system, and a few more releases lined up too.


The Sound Of Drum & Bass 2016 Viper Recordings is out now buy here


Free tickets for Viper Night on 9th March



Viper Recordings is hosting a LIVE STREAM event at DJ Mag’s venue in Angel called; and they are giving away 100 free tickets via this link: Be quick!!!

Streaming Live on the Night:
- Matrix & Futurebound
- Brookes Brothers
- Cyantific
- InsideInfo
- Koven (DJ Set)
- Mob Tactics
- BMotion
- Insomniax
- Six Blade
Hosted By: Rhymestar & Miss Trouble
Album megamix by Loko
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