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Kindred Soul- The Love You Give To Me [Bad Habit Muzik]

Kindred Soul- The Love You Give To Me [Bad Habit Muzik]

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Rated 9/10 by DJmag, Kindred Soul features a clasic 90s piano house hook and Marvin Gaye style vocals. The track also has ample backup for a variety of tastes. For Bass/Breaks Strange Rollers & Wes Smith bring the fiyah. Brandon Morales offers up some deep tech house heat with a remix that will go down well with fans of labels like Nervous & Defected offshoot DFTD. More high-quality download chart-topping goodness from Bad Habit Muzik

Wes Smith- “Hands Up” (Strange Rollers & BadHabit Remix)



Taken from the album “It’s Wes Smith Yo-Remixed Vol One” Bad Habit & Strange Rollers bring the rave to the party with their energetic laser shooting breaks/4×4 rerub of  “Hands Up” The LP also features remixes from

  • Columbo
  • DJ Hero
  • F Word

These top breaks n bass artists and a whole load more, grab a copy of the LP Here

Check out Wes interviewing Chris Bad Habit here

Funky Flavor Vol. 34 – Wes Smith


Wes Smith drops vol 34 in the Funky Flavour mix series and the funky flavour is stupendously strong on this one. Laying down some huge classic funky breaks jams alongside some tasty breakbeat bangers, this mix will be in rotation for a long time to come. Turn it up!

1. Get Down Boogie (Original Mix) Basement Freaks
2. Happiness – Original Mix Krafty Kuts, A Skillz
3. Shifting Gears – Original Mix Plump DJs
4. Balkanizacia (Original Mix) Basement Freaks
5. Livin My Life (Club Mix) DJ Don Casino presents Razor Cain
6. Superstrong feat. Tasita D’Mour (Basement
Freaks Remix)
Max Sedgley, Tasita D’mour
7. Soul School – Original Mix Napz, Maelstrom
8. The Funk Phenomena (Original) Armand Van Helden
9. Feel The Break (DJ Hero Remix) Mutant Breakz
10. Rock This (Original Mix) Adam H! Five
11. Be King Booty (Original Mix) Chevy One, Stanley Knife
12. Guetto Funk (Original Mix) Deibeat
13. Bounce With Me (Original Mix) Kwest, BG
14. M.F. Breakbeat (Original Mix) UFO Project
15. GHETTO SLANG (KL2 remix) Joe C
16. Rude Boi Bass! (Original Mix) Hate N Beanz

Wes Smith’s Festival Of Funk Mix

Wes Smith

Quality DJ mix from Stateside breaker Wes Smith! Stacked full of the finest breaks and beats around, he rips through of tune after tune of low end, booty bouncing badness. Play loud!

Lady Waks In Da Mix Podcast – Wes Smith Guest Mix

Lady Waks In Da Mix | Wes Smith Guest Mix (Original Unedited Mix)


Wes Smith of the Juice Squad is no stranger to putting together top notch party rocking mix tapes and this latest effort, a guest mix for Lady Waks In Da Mix Podcast is a top notch booty shaker from start to finish.



0:00:00, Roc Boys Intro by Jay-Z

0:00:05, Scattin’ Good Times by Wes Smith

0:02:05, You Gonna Dig This by Wes Smith

0:03:50, Bloody Funky (Wes Smith’s Califunkya Remix) by Random Preset

0:05:35, Drop That Bass (Wes Smith’s Califunkya Remix)

0:07:34, Sweat by Wes Smith & Dirty Kicks

0:09:16, BPM Shifter (130 to 110) Dance While The Record Spins by Wes Smith & The Juice Squad

0:10:06, Put Ya Hips In It by Low End Hustler

0:11:51, Zigga Zigga (A Skillz Remix) by DJ Love, Geechi Suede Of Camp Lo

0:14:08, Gutter Bass by Gold Rush

0:16:12, Beat Breaking Boy by Beat Breaking Boy

0:18:10, Diamond (Original Mix) by DJ Icey

0:19:55, BPM Shifter (130 to 140) Let’s Go by Wes Smith & The Juice Squad

0:20:37, Booty Clap by DJ Funk

0:22:13, Sweet Shop (Flux Pavillion Remix) by Doctor P

0:24:44, Let’s Ride (Pyramid’s Future Jungle Remix) by Krafty Kuts, Sporty-O

0:26:47, BPM Shifter (140 to 130) Let’s Go by Wes Smith & The Juice Squad

0:27:31, Do Ya Wanna Get Funky With Me by Wes Smith, White Boy Awesome

0:29:07, The Lucky Boogie by Sticky Bumps & The Juice Squad

0:33:02, Who Got The Vibe by Wes Smith & Dirty Kicks

0:36:14, Can’t Hide It (Wes Smith’s Gangsta Remix) by Deekline & Hardy Hard

0:37:58, Gotta Be Poison by Wes Smith, Sticky Bumps & The Juice Squad

0:41:03, Funky Little Break by Wes Smith, Sticky Bumps & The Juice Squad

0:44:15, Go Crazy by Dirty Kicks

0:47:27, U Know How I Do by Hanzee, Kid Panel

0:49:25, All My People Live (The Juice Squad & Dirty Kicks Remix) by Mafia Kiss & The Hustle

0:50:54, Attack The Speaker (Original Mix) by Kid Digital, Rubi Dan

0:53:11, Rocket Soul (Original Mix) by Plump DJs

0:55:34, Get Loose by Wes Smith & BumpR StickR

0:57:01, Old Skool by Wes Smith & BumpR StickR

0:58:48, Better At Night by Wes Smith, The Juice Squad & BumpR StickR

1:00:46, Back Again Feat. Shana Rockit by Wes Smith & BumpR StickR

1:02:14, This Party’s Outta Control by Wes Smith & Dirty Kicks

1:03:43, Lo Rider (Lady Waks & Hardy Hard Remix) by Ed Solo, Deekline, Kidd Money, Yo Majesty

1:05:09, Wheels Of Steel by Aquasky, Masterblaster

1:07:29, Lost My Mind by Vaski

1:09:08, Girls and Boyz (Teamplayers CD Edit) by Aquasky, Elhornet

1:10:47, Sound Gal (Baobinga & ID Mix) by Ben & Lex

1:13:10, Pound The Echo (Original Mix) by Momentum

1:15:33, I Got Hoes (Original Mix) by DJ Trajic

1:15:43, Rivers of Babylon Outro by Sublime


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