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Trent Cantrelle- Transmit That Style EP

Trent Cantrelle- Transmit That Style EP

Trent Cantrelle’s ‘Transmit That Style’ gets a full release as part of his new EP on Yoshitoshi

Trent Cantrelle’s ‘Transmit That Style’ first featured on Yoshitoshi’s Ibiza compilation and now gets a full release complete with a fresh mix and with two new tracks ‘What I Need’ and ‘Your Body’

Trent has featured on labels such as Defected and Toolroom previously so you can imagine even if listening for the first time what you’re in for. What you get is quality twisted basslines in Trent’s own ahead of the crowd style. These 3 heaters will fit nicely into House, tech House and Techno sets.

Dakar- Myself EP

Dakar- Myself EP

The prestige and legendary timeline of Yoshitoshi has a new chapter, it’s Dakar with the ‘Myself EP’

‘Myself’ is a smooth operator of a tune, the looping vocal and foundation funky bass make for a real night heater!!

‘Dynamite’ sends electric tingles up the spine and causes a dopamine overload with haunting hooks and deep rumbling machinations

Sacha Robotti extracts the hidden darkness from ‘Myself’ and unleashes it on the big room with a deadly sharp remix.

Another unmissable chapter in the legend of Yoshitoshi c/o Dakar

Yoshitoshi: Deep End Miami

Yoshitoshi Deep End Miami

Yoshitoshi: Deep End Miami 2017 breaks the mold with a diverse selection of house music. If its good, it goes intot he album and thats exactly why Tech House stompers like Solarc ‘Aliens’ & Vasi ‘My Chek’ share prestigious space with minimal/prog house gems like Nihil Young & Wolf Story ‘Voice Of Reason’, Rony Seikaly ‘Should I Stay’ & Mannerow’s filthy, jazzy bass house groover ‘Bird Watching’

There’s plenty more in the way of high-quality productions on this much needed addition to your buy cart!!!

Valentino – Flying Remixes Part 2



Buy Here

Yoshitoshi treat us to 2 new remixes of Valentino ‘Flying’. Cid Inc’s VIP, an alternative version to his remix from last year-flourishes with rampant energy ready to burst out of the speakers and float through the air above the revellers dancing to its beat. Perfectly suited for the big room or indeed that moment of unbridled euphoria that can happen anywhere, anytime.

Sharam’s edit of the Psycatron is labeled as Prog House on Beatport, but it sounds very much like Techno to us!!! The Pink Floyd style guitar section is kept from the original but this is not Roger Water’s wall being built around that riff. The pounding drums and snarling stabs call on us to stomp hard!! all in all, two excellent additions to a great track adding further life and longevity. In a word, superb!!!

Yoshitoshi: Best of 2016

Yoshitoshi: Best of 2016

Pre-Order Here out 30/12/16

Yoshitoshi present 17 tracks and a continuous mix featuring some incredible House & Techno from the likes of Sharam, Anthony Attalla, Sinisa Tamamovic plus more. The Best of 2016

Sharam features with a number of tracks on Yoshitoshi: Best of 2016. Tracks such as the atmospheric 80’s influenced House music of ‘Arpi’, the off the wall Tech House of ‘Techi’, and dark robotics of ‘Octodub’

On an album full of high-class material (and a prestige label for those who know, think Alcatraz & Eddie Amador circa mid 90s), it’s tricky picking out just a few tracks to mention. Each of the 17 tracks here are a must. We particularly love  Andy Caldwell & Adam Johan’s ‘Hold You’, a throwback to the frantic diva vox of 90’s glam house set to wall liquifying synths and beats.

Anthony Atalla ‘F1′ is another personal pick of ours from this fantastic retrospective. We love the snappy beats and catchy hooks and refrains reminding us of the likes of Apollo 84

The album progresses nicely from Deep/Tech House gems aplenty to out and out hip grinding bass loaded Techno bangers. If for any reason you missed these quality tracks up until now, here they are in one deadly good package, no more excuses!!! Pick this up right now!!

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