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Yosum Dub- Indostry

Yosum Dub- Indostry

Techno DJ & producer, Yosum Dub sends out a heatwave with his ‘Indostry EP’ on Reflector Records

‘Zap’ gets the fire fueled up with a feisty Tech House opener to the EP.

‘Muscle Memory’ is the kind of Techno that carries the secret ‘bob your head’ code, you won’t be able to stop your hips gyrating to this fierce slice of dancefloor frenzy

‘Simmer’ aims for the sky with spatial chords almost reminiscent of Underworld that give way for melodic trancey keys. When the floor is packed and you wanna tease ‘em some more, drop this on ‘em!!!

‘Gorilla Warfare’ blasts through the stratosphere strapped into the cockpit of alien synths and extraterrestrial beats, to the stars and beyond!!!

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