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Youngman – Spinning (Sunset Mix) [Technique Recordings]

Youngman - Spinning (Sunset Mix) [Technique Recordings]

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Technique Recordings releases something extra special even by their incredible high standards with Youngman ‘Spinning’ (Sunset Mix)

Hit play on this track and it immediately blew me away. In fact, it just keeps getting better as it goes along. Great vocals from Youngman, that goes without saying really and then there is the symths, the beats, wow, what a tune!!!

If you love the theme music to Stranger Things (who doesn’t!), you’ll love the soaring synthwave style keys that accompany the breezy atmos and awesome vocals, this is crossover DnB done properly, it sticks in your head for all the right reasons.

Youngman – Sorry [Technique Recordings]

Youngman - Sorry [Technique Recordings]



Check out the stunning vocals of Youngman on his new track ‘Sorry’, out on Technique Recordings. The combination of a truly amazing vocalist and the impeccable production is a puissant one. Let your ears bathe in a great song with ebullient strings & keys, all at a firing DnB tempo> Nothing to be ‘Sorry’ about, this tune is a blessing!!!

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