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Toronto Is Broken Talks About His New Track On Viper Recordings ‘The Sound Of Drum & Bass 2016′

Please tell us a bit about yourself. What have you been up to lately?

Hi, I’m Christian, otherwise known as Toronto is Broken, and despite the name I’m actually based in Leicestershire in the UK. I’ve had my head down in the studio the past couple of months, working on new music, as well as release two singles in quick succession, “Way Down / Original” followed a couple months later by “Voyager II / Want You” and I’ve been really glad with the support and feedback I’ve gotten from these tracks

How did the release on Viper Recordings come along?

Well, last year I released “This Way Up” on the 2015 edition of the album, and since then I’ve kept in contact with Futurebound, sharing brand new music of mine with him and generally

keeping him in the loop with what I’m up to. “Zero One” happened to be one of the dubs I sent over to him which he loved and he decided to stick it on the compilation.

Please tell us a bit about your track featured on ‘The Sound of Drum & Bass 2016′.

“Zero One” originally started life as the bassline of another track of mine, but I decided to take that track in a totally different direction. I kept the bassline however on my hard drive as just an audio file, as the source was heavily processed and a bit unpredictable. I stumbled across this at a later date and chopped it up, added some drums and “Zero One” was born!

The title is inspired from “The Matrix” franchise, the name of the nation the robots created for themselves, after becoming banished from human society. I’m really drawn into science fiction and anime, which has always, has a major influence on the music I make and how I name my tracks.

What are your plans for 2016?

I’ve already 95% finished my next single for Sub Slayers, that came together quickly, so that should be out early summer, I believe. On top of that, I’ve got a brand new 3-track EP coming out, that’s been my biggest project to date since my debut album “Section Nine” just over a year ago. Over a years’ worth of work has gone into these tracks and I’m really proud of them! I can’t say the title or where it’s coming out yet, but as it stands it’s due for a late April release. I’ve just finished a couple of remixes and I’m starting a fresh batch of them that will be out over the course of this year.

Toronto Is brokens’ ‘Zero One’ is out now as part of ‘The Sound Of Drum & Bass 2016′ on Viper Recordings, get the compilation here

Check Out Toronto Is Brokens’ Top Ten Viper Recordings Tracks In This Playlist:

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