Tyke- They Must Come

Tyke- They Must Come

Buy/Stream http://link.playaz.co.uk/playaz077/

One of the DnB scene’s most innovative artists, Tyke returns to the Playaz imprint with 4 new tracks. It’s all about the 50’s Sci-Fi and twisted bass on ‘They Must Come’

Tyke fires up the Tardis for title track ‘They Must Come’, a skanking blend of B-Movie Sci-Fi samples and basslines unlike any other.

‘Cosmos’ begins with a crazy conspiracy theory before carving into the skull with a buzz saw like lead synth.

‘Galvanised’ kicks off with a ravey intro and some Gangsta vocals before launching into some beatz from the hood and serious sub frequency mischief and mayhem.

‘Planet Merk’ is where everything goes off into the deep end of insanity. Banana man samples anyone? This is music for face contorting, genius madness with kicks, snares and basslines that disfigure speakers!!!

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