U@T- So In Love (Mike Millrain Remix)

U@T- So In Love (Mike Millrain Remix)


Mike Millrain remixes U@T’s ‘So In Love’ for Soul Revolution Records bringing the 2015 Garage gem into 2017 with prestige and excellence.

U@T’s ‘So In Love’, originally released on the Soul Revolution imprint in 2015, is a gem of a tune for those who know. Of course, when the boss gets a  hold of it, you can be 100% assured of a classy rework. Mr Millrain  brings the lofty piano melody to the forefront and lets it simmer and float with resonance in the awe inspiring drops of his remix.

The original elements of this beaut of a tune are perfectly tweaked for a bumping and skipping cruise through sweeping chords, filters and some essential pure garage keys. Another production for the real garage lovers that holds up with the distinction of the golden era. We wouldn’t expect anything less!!! Refined and mighty fine!!

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