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Death To Digital EP

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The Death To Digital EP on Kniteforce features four ultra talented artists with four solid gold NuSkool Hardcore riddims. Sanxion, Nicky Allen, TNO Project & Mannik pronounce Death To Digital breakbeat hardcore style!!!

Nothing brings out the gushing fanboy in a blogger than reviewing music from a label you have had an emotional attachment to since the 90s. Further to that, when you have interacted with some of the talented artists featured on the Death To Digital EP and know them to be lovely individuals and musical legends, that only adds to the enjoyment of writing about them.

We start with Sanxion, a producer, studio wizard and tech savvy type that has a resume that stretches back to the era of high vis jackets and glowsticks. Sanxion forged an instantly recognisable sound on labels like Warehouse Wax, Top Drawer Digital and Sub Slayers with frankly genre defining tracks like ‘Mesmerised At Charles Street’ and ‘The Casimir Effect (Can’t Get Enough). ‘Waiting On My Feelings’ is pure hands in the air, a circular loop of light between circa 92 and circa 95 UK/Breakbeat Hardcore with circa 95 synths, rolling amens and classic Italo style pianos.

Next up, the bossman, Nicky Allen is back, having earned his raving stripes through years of dedication, endless DJ mixes and even more tunes. ‘All The Time’ is quintessential Nicky Allen, a blazing juggernaut of pounding beats, hard stabs and rushy pianos with a very strong nod to the original Kniteforce sound.

TNO Project propels us back to 93/94 era Kniteforce with dreamy vocal samples, oldskool subs and a Future Primitive style break. ‘The Orphanage’ sounds like a never ending raver’s journey of enigma

That leaves Mannik to take us right back to the darkcore days of Kniteforce, its 1993, you’re scared and you should be!!!! ‘Sounds Of Hell’ is David Lynch making rave music, its ‘The Snowball’ and ‘Knite In Paradise’ revisited!!! Turn it up loud and go and hide behind your sofa!!!! Eeeeek!!!

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